Primp Wordle {June} Is It Correct Guess For 361 Puzzle?

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This news article is based on information related to Primp Wordle specifications associated with it.

Are you a daily follower of Wordle? What is your win streak? Wordle! A name of an online game that aces the gaming world at present times. Although, there are times when people playing wordle get trapped with word mess. If this is your condition, then this article will help you.

All the countries equally love Wordle. But the game has managed to create crazy fans residing in Australia. The game has grossed millions of players in the past year. So, here in this article, you will find an effective resolution of Primp Wordle.

Is Primp a wordle word for today?

Players are guessing the word for today as ‘Primp’, but it is not the correct selection. No players can guess that the word for June 15, 2022, is ‘Primo’. Looking at the series of word count numbers, it will be taken as wordle word number 361.

Okay! So the word for today is way too complicated to guess. It is a completely different situation that has happened once or twice in the history of wordle. Mentioned below are some clues for Primp Game:

Determining clues for 15th June

  • Today’s wordle starting and ending letters are “P” and “O,” respectively.
  • Word consists of two vowels.
  • The used vowels are ‘I’ and ‘O’.
  • The suited word has more than one meaning.

The clue that matters: The word Primer has two meanings.

  • In a duet, the upper or the leading part is termed as “Primo.”
  • The important thing/facts or the reference to the top quality is also known as “Primo.”

Rules and regulations for Primp Wordle

While playing online games, it is obligatory to follow the basic rules and regulations. Read out the basic ones mentioned below:

  • Except in some cases, the word has to be five letters only.
  • Finish the game in six chances.
  • Follow the color indications properly.
  • Green, yellow and grey colors will guide you best.

Color indicators in Wordle online

  • The green color says that the guess is in the right direction.
  • The yellow color says that guess is right but placed in the wrong place.
  • The grey color is the worst of all, indicating your guess as a complete failure.

Why is the Primp Game trending?

Players across Australia were curious to know about the answer for wordle word number 361. For 15th June, ‘Primp’ is an incorrect guess. As the guess for Prim is correct, but the last letter should be O considering it as Primo, correct wordle answer.

Final word

After going to research and findings on Wordle answer for 15th June, we can conclude that for the wordle 361 players guessed correct letters. But, players only got misspelt because of the last letter with P instead of 0. Therefore, “Primo” is the correct guess and not Primp Wordle.

Did you guess it right? What word do you have guessed? Let us know your views in the comment section below. To understand today’s answer for Wordle, click here 

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