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In this post on Ppdbbandarlampung Com, the readers will learn about the features, benefits, and how to sign up for Ppdbbandarlampung.

Do you want admission to schools in Lampung City online? If yes, then PPDB is the perfect platform for you. PPDB is an Indonesia-based online platform that focuses on providing admission to students online. As the admission season is approaching, this platform is the talk of the town all over Lampung city.

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PPDB Bandar Lampung

To revolutionize the admission method in Lampung, P.T. Sudasa came up with an idea named PPDB. PPDB is an online platform to connect schools and students across Bandar Lampung City. It provides the students to apply to any schools in the field of MTs/SMP, MI/SD, and many more courses all around Indonesia. The online platform working since 2003, uses all the latest and most advanced technology to ensure that the admission process for students is smooth and easy. Ppdbbandarlampung Com also comes with certain benefits for educational institutes.

Benefits of PPDB

The online platform will provide the institutes with an opportunity to showcase their schools and colleges to the citizen of Indonesia. PPDB also gives the educational institutes free bonuses that may be helpful for educational communities. An online free written blog for the school, a free network of Indonesian educational institutes, and a School information application of the schools in Indonesia are some of the other benefits of PPDB, which is being offered to the institutes for free.

Features of Ppdbbandarlampung Com

The trending PPDB platform comes with many features for students. Log on the official website of PPDB for admission to Lampung city in the Middle and Elementary level school for the T.P. 2022-23. Students can choose the zone of their school. For this, the students need to register themselves according to the zones in which they want admission and post their achievements for the student for more benefits. Through H.P., applicants can access their applications at a super-fast speed and can choose any school of their choice. 

How to sign up for Ppdbbandarlampung Com?

For signing on to PPDB, you can go to their official website, where you will be asked for details such as school name, Province, City District, sub-district, tier, full name, and H.P. no if you are signing up as an admin of the school. For students, you can sign up by providing your name, province, email address, and H.P. no. 


In this post, we tried to explain to our readers the features, benefits, how to sign up and log in for the PPDP. This post also will help the readers to know about the details required for Ppdbbandarlampung Com.

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