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Know everything about Poppy Playtime Wiki Fandom– the concept, developers, gamers’ reviews and many more.

Poppy Playtime is a new gaming sensation based on the horror craze, getting immense attention Worldwide before the Halloween season.

The game is released only with the first chapter with other chapters to follow shortly. Gamers are complaining and urging the developers to release other chapters as well. Let us explore the nuances of the Poppy Playtime Wiki Fandom in this article. 

How does Poppy Playtime work?           

The story is about a Playtime.co factory where all the toys disappear into thin air and then converted into horrible creatures attracts huge attention. The player finds herself trapped in this abandoned toy factory. In the factory, there was an army of horror-filled toys which were attempting to catch the player. The player has to make their way through the deadly hurdles posed by these horrifying creatures and reach the end.

Here, the problematic thing is that the player cannot bring his friends in the multiplayer Poppy and work their way together.  Poppy Playtime Wiki Fandom informs us that multiple puzzles come between the player and the destination. The game is strictly running on a single-player mode. However, the player can stream her game and share it with her friends. If you’re playing, you have to cross each puzzle with the help of your Grab Pack. 

The developers have not shared any details about the multiplayer features or the subsequent chapters.

Developers and Official Details in The Game 

The developer and publisher of Poppy Playtime are MOB Games. The date of release of the game was 12th October 2021. Officially, the genres of the game are action, adventure and survival. Poppy Playtime Wiki Fandom is a strictly single-player concept and runs only on a Personal Computer (PC).

Unlike other recent games, one cannot play this game on a mobile phone or tablet. The game supports Windows 10 with an Intel Core i5 processor and could be bought at $4.99. The developers have specified that the coming chapter of Poppy Playtime will also be sold at the same price. 

There are different types of equipment like VHS tapes, Grab Pack, and many other things. The visuals of the game are lifelike with low-lightning. The art on the walls of the factory is simple and cute and fetches enough attention.

Gamers’ Reviews for Poppy Playtime Wiki Fandom 

The game is widely acclaimed as the best indie horror game of the year. The gamers love the story behind the game. A sense of mystery runs throughout the game. The game is not as simple as it seems while reading. The factory is not dull, as normally the abandoned factories seem. It is colourful and impressive. 

The gamers love this game which has drawn attention across continents. More than 90 per cent of the reviews are positive. There are complaints about developers not announcing the release date of the second chapter. This also talks of the popularity and attention the game has received. 


Poppy Playtime Wiki Fandom is an indie horror game that got hugely popular worldwide before the Halloween season. The game runs on the action, adventure and survival genres and could be played on PCs. To know more, visit Poppy Playtime on the Steam page 

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