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This post about a Police Officer Trending Video will help you know the details of the unethical video and the action taken.

A police constable was to be presented in court on 30 January after the unethical activity she had performed with her minor son.

Have you heard about this news before? Do you know the video content? What did the police officer do to her child? People of South Africa are discussing the same topic on social media platforms. If you want to read about this trending topic, then stick to this post about Police Officer Trending Video till the end.

What is in a police officer trending video?

A video surfaced on the web where we can spot a Limpopo police officer who can be seen laying on her bed and asking her 10-year-old minor son to perform an unethical activity that is not meant to be performed by such a small child.


The sole purpose of this post is to provide insights into the topic. We didn’t mean to promote such activities and news. There are for informative purposes only.

What is the public reaction to the Police Officer and Son Video?

Things go viral as people on the web increase daily. We should take a step before thinking about anything, as we don’t know what can happen next. People on social media gave various reactions to the video. Once it gets viral, the video started to attract more viewers due to its unusual nature.

Some people on social media get shocked after seeing the video as it contains acts that should not be performed by a child of 10 years. Some people even believed that the mother could be possess some evil powers as they could not digest that the Police Officer Trending Video contains a mother and son because the relation of mother and son is considered pure and pious and seeing something like this is not usual.

You can check the link further in this article to see more about people’s thoughts about the video.


What is the public reaction to the Police Officer and Son Video

What action was taken by the police over the video?

After the video went viral, the SAPS decided to take strict action against the video as it is complete exploitation of childhood and a first-degree case of harassment. After the Police Officer Video Trending On Twitter went viral, the lady police officer was arrested soon after the release, and now she has to present in court on 30 January as the date has been extended to some days.

People around the web and authorities have shown sympathy against the child as such acts likely ruin his childhood. So, he was taken for consultancy and some sessions to help him get over the incident.

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To conclude this write-up, a Limpopo police officer is accused of such an act with her son and harassment with him. she is called to court on 30 January. For details about this topic, click this link

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Trending on Twitter Video-FAQs:

Q1. When does the court call the police officer?

The date was postponed to 30 January.

Q2. What is the name of her son?

This is not available on the internet.

Q3. What is the action taken by the authorities?

The authorities have decided to punish the officer and send the child for consultancy.

Q4. What is the age of the police officer?

She is 40 years old.

Q5. What is the full form of SAPS?

SAPS stands for south African police service.

Q6. Where did the Police Officer Trending Video go viral?

The video goes viral on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

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