Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go {Dec} Know Event Specifics!

Gaming Tips Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go

Through this post, we will provide you with all the useful information about Pokemon Go and Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go.

Online gaming is a form of entertainment that can help children in developing and improving  their skills, creativity, strategic thinking and also helps in building confidence.

Many of you might have heard about Pokemon Go, an online game popular among the United States, and India and many other countries. Let’s know about Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go.

What is Pokemon go

Pokémon Go is an online mobile game  launched on 6 July 2016. Niantic, who collaborated with Nintendo and The Pokemon company. It was published by Niantic. It earlier had about 150 species of Pokemon and increased to 700 by 2021. 

It includes many series and different characters. It was one of the profitable apps of 2016. It was install over 500 million times worldwide by the end of 2016. It is free to play and has gained a lot of attention over time. Although it’s free but requires some amount for in game purchases.Further we will learn more exciting facts  about Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go.

Who is Magmar

As we know, there are around 700 species in Pokemon Go. Magmar is one of the species of Pokemon known as the spitfire Pokemon. There are three Pokemons in themagmar family- magby, magmar and magmortar. 

Magmar evolves into Magmortar, which costs 100 candies and requires Sinnoh Stones. Magmar is a pure fiery species that creates fire flames from his body to defeat his opponent.He is weak against the rock, water and ground. Magmar seems like a very interesting character. These were some  facts about Magmar. Let’s go further for more information.

Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go

Pokemon Go organize Spotlight hour event, which happens once a week for one hour. It has a specified time, 6 pm-7 pm in the local time zone and mainly occurs on Tuesday and Thursday. It allows you to encounter species of Pokemons as much as possible. 

Magmar Spotlight hour happened on 14 December 2021, and it was a great chance to catch shiny Magmar. Pokemon has many species for which Pokemon Go has many events where you can participate to get your favourite Pokemon. This was all about Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go


We have gone through the Magmar Spotlight hour and Pokemon go in the above paragraphs. Children can boost their confidence by participating in such game events. Pokemon Go organize events for species other than Magmar to encounter your favourite species. Here are the upcoming events of Pokemon go- Snover on 21 December 2021(6 pm-7 pm) and cubchoo on 28 December 2021(6 pm-7 pm). It’s an excellent opportunity for Pokemon lovers to catch their favourite species in these events.If you want to explore more on spotlight hour, you can search this link  

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