Pokemon Bergmite Go {Dec 2021} Features & Best Move

Latest News Pokemon Bergmite Go

This article will explain the newly introduced Pokemon Bergmite Go. It also explains precise details of its features.

Do you know the Pokemon series are upgrading their tactics to make the game exciting? Are you aware that this series has introduced a brand new Pokemon in the field? If you are unaware of this news, we would like to advise you to go through this article and grab the knowledge here.

The newly introduced Pokemon is the Bergmite. It was recently released Worldwide by the publisher on 23rd December 2021.

Let us take deep information about Pokemon Bergmite Go in the below section

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Summary about Bergmite?

Bergmite is one of the Pokemon categorized under Ice type. It belongs to the Kalos region, where they live in herds on mountains with snow. It has the special feature of freezing the opponent into solid by using an air of -1500F. 

There are two Pokemon under the Bergmite Family; (Bergmite and other Avalugg). 

Bergmite can become more powerful; after evolving into Avalugg. These transformation charges are 50 Candy. This Ice Pokemon is vulnerable and is weak against moves like fir, steel, fight and rock. 

Bergmite becomes a barrier to the opponents and attacks them with the help of ice shielding its whole body.

Pokemon Bergmite Go– Best Move

Bergmite has various moves in its pocket to attack and win the battle. The best move described for Bergmite is Icy Wind and Bite while it attacks; the Pokemon in Gyms. The offense has 12dps of Bite attack and 21.8 DPS of Icy wind attack in the case of Offense.

It is similar in the case of Defense. It is resistant to the ice with 63% damage. Other moves like Fire, steel, fight, and rock are vulnerable and deal with 160 % of damage. Both Icy wind and Bite have a maximum CP of 1215. 

These moves give the capacity of Pokemon Bergmite Go to evolve into Avaluug.

Who are the Strongest Attackers of Bergmite?

The Bergmite is strong with its Icy Wind and Bite move. However, it is weak and vulnerable against some moves like Fire, steel, fight, and rock. Hence, Bergmite might be defeated using the following Pokemon:-

  • Reshiram
  • Metagross
  • Chandelure
  • Zacian
  • Lucario

Bergmite Special features:

  • Generation: VI
  • Color: Blue
  • Shape: Quadruped
  • Genus: Ice Chunk Pokemon
  • Height: 1m
  • Weight: 99.5 kg
  • Capture rate: 20 %
  • Hatch: It hatches from eggs every 7 km
  • Spawn rate: It is high during Snow Weather
  • Candy: Bergmite Candy
  • Bergimite Candy Found; one Bergmite Candy found every 3 km.

Why is it trending?

Pokemon Bergmite Go evolved into Avalugg and was acquired with 50 Bergmite candies. It was introduced recently and accepted by many players. It is due to its unique approach and power. It can shield its whole body when the opponent attacks. It heals it by using cold air to repair the cracks with new ice.

Evolution into Avalugg will provide more power and energy to defeat all the opponents.

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Pokemon series is well-known and has grabbed attention amongst players. This newly introduced Pokemon Bergmite Gohave extra-ordinary skills and move. So, we recommend you to refer, play and enjoy the game. Do you want regular updates on the Pokemon series? Follow Twitter account

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