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Do you hear about a tussle between the government troops and the communist? Want to know in which country this tussle is going on? Then follow this article to learn about these insurgents in detail. This type of insurgency is currently going on in the Philippines due to a holiday. 

From this simple issue, it has become a thing of concern. The Police of this country also has played a huge role in maintaining peace. People are now wondering about Pnpdims comRead this article to learn about these things in detail.

What is this problem?

As per the research, we came to know that the problem started from the time when holiday trues PNP got ready to merge with the AFGP. Since then, the communist party has opposed it and started to protest against this holiday truce.

The later government deployed the police force to maintain law and order in these countries. Police had also played a vital role in keeping the peace. We do not find any details upon the injuries regarding the protest of Pnpdims com.

Armed force point of view:

The armed forces condemned this type of protest in this country, but now the armed forces have started a humanitarian mission by giving food. Armed forces are conducting this mission in parts of northern Samar. PNP Directors had already said they are working with the national police to supply humanitarian aid to the people.

 Now PNP tactics have set a plan and deployed officers to stop communists protesting against AFP. We do not find any more info regarding the army’s point of view. If we get it, we will inform you soon.

Pnpdims com

In an interview, the leader of the communist, Jose Maria Sison, said that they would continue to defend themselves, and they would foil all the wrong plans of the government.

 While talking, he also talked about the brawl that was going on between the policies of this country and said that communists need to be more defensive. This statement has been recorded on a Netherlands-based news outlet.

These are the things that the leader of the communist party had said when he was asked about the incident that is going on between the Government and the communist for Pnpdims com

Why is this topic trending?

This topic has become a trend because people worldwide are searching for this incident and want peace between the government and the communist party. Everyone is wondering if this problem is going to be solved soon.

Important News: We do not create news on our own. This info has been taken from internet-based research.

Final Verdict:

As per the research, we learned that due holiday truce, a problem is going on between the government and the communist party. To maintain law and order, governments have deployed police. 

Communist said they would fight and foil all the government’s plans regarding Pnpdims com. Also, please share your views about this insurgency in our comment box below. Click here if you want to find more information about PNP DIMS.  

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