Tips for Playing Minecraft With Friends

Complete Information About Tips for Playing Minecraft With Friends

Minecraft remains one of the most popular online games for kids. This game offers your child several advantages, including improving their creativity, such as when designing Minecraft skins, as well as problem solving. They can play Minecraft alone or ask friends to join them to make it more fun. 

This article breaks down the tips for playing Minecraft with friends. 

Let’s dive right in!

Get a Shared Server

Getting a shared server is one of the best ways to make it easier for your kids to play Minecraft with their friends. Some parents prefer to get one Minecraft server for their children to use. However, this can bring various challenges if your kid wants to play with others.

One of the challenges of using one server is that the owner may find it difficult to give up the OP privileges. Additionally, the owner may be biased when deciding who joins or stays, disadvantaging your kid.

To avoid such issues, parents should combine their efforts and get a shared server for their kids. Once you purchase it, do the basic OP work for them and let them enjoy hours of creative fun.

Give OP Rights to Someone You Can Trust

OP rights allow Minecraft players to change the game’s settings and ban other players. When your kids decide to play together, they may all want to get OP rights.

However, this is not advisable if a child becomes upset when playing with others, they may decide to ban them. After that, another player might whitelist them before re-banning them, leading to chaos.It’s advisable for a parent or objective friend to have OP rights. So, if someone needs to go from creative to survival mode, they just need to inform the person with the OP rights, and it will be done.

Play on Another Server

The easiest way for kids to play Minecraft with their friends is to play on another server. Your child only needs to enter the server address and start playing or designing Minecraft skins.

The main advantage of using this method is that no complex setup is needed since it’s already done for you. Nevertheless, it has its downsides. Your child won’t have control over the server and they can also lose their progress if the admin suddenly shuts down the servers. For instance, if your child was creating Minecraft player skins, they may lose their work before they finish creating them. This can also interrupt their Minecraft skin import process.

Use a Hosting Service

Another useful tip for playing Minecraft with friends is to use a hosting service. A hosting service offers a nice compromise between self-hosting and using public servers.

The best thing about using a hosting service is that the initial setup process is quite easy. 

All you have to do is determine whether you’re using Bedrock or Java edition. They also offer data backups for processes like skin designs Minecraft. This way, your child’s work won’t get lost.

Additionally, hosting services are quite affordable. They come in different packages, ranging from cheap to expensive, allowing you to pick one according to your budget. Look for a company that offers reliable hosting services to make the process easier.

Set Expectations in Advance

Minecraft is one of the best online games for kids to play together, yet the most frustrating. When playing, your child may spend working on something, and someone destroys it with TNT, frustrating him or her.

Before your child starts playing Minecraft with their friends, talk to them. Tell them that these challenges are normal and they should not get mad at their friends when something bad happens.

Select the Game Settings and Goals

The best way to ensure your child has fun when playing with their friends is to encourage them to select the game’s settings and goals. Ask them if they want to play the creative, survival, or adventure mode.

Most children prefer the creative mode since it allows them to create the things they want and boost their creativity. Here, kids can work on individual projects or work as a team. Survival mode can be the best if your kid has many friends and want to play together since they can work as a group on different projects.


Playing online games together is one of the best ways for children to strengthen their relationships and learn how to work together as a group. Use the tips above to help your child have a good gaming experience when playing Minecraft with friends.

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