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Planifica Tu Vacuna. Com (Feb 2021) Explore the Details!

Planifica Tu Vacuna. Com (Feb 2021) Explore the Details! >> Everybody is trying to contribute in whatever way they can to help the public in this pandemic situation. Read to know how this TV network company has contributed their part.

Planifica Tu Vacuna. com has been launched to help the residents of the United State to navigate the Covid-19 vaccine details.

The Covid-19 vaccine nationwide rollout had started back in late 2020 and is still going on. Compared with the vast population of the US, the shortage of vaccines is a hurdle that needs to be tackled.

The central government’s decision to leave it upon the local and state governments to decide the vaccine locations in their respective territories was smart. Big stores and companies are stepping up to contribute to this cause, whichever way possible.

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What is Telemundo?

The launcher of Planifica Tu Vacuna. com, Telemundo is a free-to-air national television network of the United State, founded in 1984. It is owned by Comcast and is a Spanish-language terrestrial TV network.

It has headquarters in Miami, US.

It was first launched as NetSpan and later in 1988 was relaunched as Telemundo. The programs include English subtitles for non- Spanish speakers and young Hispanic viewers. They broadcast programs and original content for sports, news, reality TV, films, and telenovelas- that are either Spanish-dubbed or imported.

The channel is officially available in almost 100 countries but can also be streamed online for free from their official website. 

What is Planifica Tu Vacuna. com?

Planifica Tu Vacuna is Spanish for Plan Your Vaccine. This website was launched by Noticias Telemundo and NBC News on 11 February 2021 to help the country’s residents know all the details of the Covid-19 vaccine based upon their location.

The journalism of Telemundo powers this national tool for vaccination data and news.

The users will navigate the vaccine rollout process as per their selected state, track distribution timelines, know whether they are eligible or not, and find the nearest vaccination location. 

How do you get the details online?

All the information will be displayed once you visit Planifica Tu Vacuna. com from your browser and then follow the following steps:

  • Select your respective state from the drop-down menu.
  • Select your essential or non-essential occupation.
  • Select the age group, and the additional factors mentioned at the bottom, if applicable.

The information displayed on your screen will be customized based on your selected state. This form and other information on this website can be viewed in Spanish, English, and Chinese language.

Customer Reviews:

Unfortunately, no customer reviews about this website are available online due to its recent launch.

Final Verdict:

We talked about this fantastic initiative taken up by Noticias Telemundo and NBC News to help the country’s residents in this somewhat complicated vaccine rollout process.

Planifica Tu Vacuna. com is easy to manage and can be viewed in your preferred language. All the information is displayed based upon your selected state.

We find this website helpful as ordinary people, what do you say? Did you try using it? Is it a good step taken up by the TV network companies? Please comment down below.

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