Pierre Omidyar Scam {April} All Deep Facts Mentioned!

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Read details about the Pierre Omidyar Scam that offered victims $1.9 million by using well known old phishing tricks.

Did you know that a $1.9 million giveaway email was sent to thousands of people in the United States in April 2022? The email was received from noreply@witcircle.com on 17th April with DISPLAY NAME as Pierre Omidyar. 

The email initially tried convincing its recipient that Pierre is ridiculously rich – http://www.forbes.com/profile/pierre-omidyar/. Next, it convinced about how sensitive Pierre is towards poor people by giving reference link – http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2010/09/23/pierre-omidyar-ridiculous-rich-and-giving-it-all-away-2/. Let’s check below how people are getting cheated by Pierre Omidyar Scam.

About the scam:

With these two forbes.com articles, there is no doubt that Pierre is a billionaire and has committed $357 million every year to charity. As the recipient of the email is convinced, they read the next paragraph where it is mentioned that Pierre wanted to give $1.9 million to twenty people as he wanted to be more personal with his donations and wanted to benefit ordinary people.

The email mentioned that Pierre had paid a marketing firm to get the email addresses of such ordinary people. By now, the readers would be thinking that they got lucky as Pierre Omidyar Foundation is giving them money.

The finishing touches of the email made sure that the readers got EXCITED and REPLIED to the email. In the last two paragraphs of the email, the scammers mentioned that the recipient is a lucky person. Now, all they need to do is reply with their full name if they want to claim the giveaway. The email ended with humble statements requesting to accept it as a gift.

The email was in circulation from September 2021 too. But, it was sent from toursbookings@vis.org.au. The content of the email was exactly the same as the email getting circulated this month. 

Pierre Omidyar Scam a PIERRE’S DREAM:

These scams became popular as Pierre’s Dream. Generally, there are millions of recipients of these emails. While the majority of the recipient treat it as spam, there are still thousands of recipients who will think that they have intelligently calculated risk and benefit factors, and there is no harm in JUST replying to the email. The scammers are looking for such ignorant people as their targets.

Irrespective of how much a person tends to be conscious regarding phishing attempts, in the end, the scammers pitches to credit their account for which they require account details. The victims still does not anticipates Pierre Omidyar Scam

Some recipients intelligently decide on giving a Zero Balance Account number via email. Scammers use many other tricks to obtain as much Personally identifiable information(PII) as possible. 


If your account is a Zero Balance AC, still, the scammers get benefited by dealing with accounts and PII on deep web. If your account has a credit, the scammers will have much information to request a password change, etc., for withdrawal! Hence, NEVER GIVE your Personal and Payment information over the internet to UNAUTHORIZED sources.

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