Physics Regents Curve 2022 {June} Rating system For Exam

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Physics Regents Curve 2022 has shared details of the rating system for the physics and Algebra 2 paper held in June.

Have you appeared for the June Regent examination that started on the 1st of this month? The examination starts with a history subject and will end on 23rd June with a physics setting. The student in the United States that appeared for this year’s Regent examination must be waiting for the 24th June, the rating day for the conducted exam.

The student taking the Regents exam for Physics will have to wait for one day to get their rating card. Physics Regents Curve 2022 will discuss this exam and its rating pattern for 2022.

Result Determination for Physics Settings:

There are 85 questions in the Physics Regent Paper, divided into four sections. The first section consists of 35 questions, while section B1 will have 15 questions, the rest thirty five-question will be from B2, C, and D sections.

  • The score for multiple choice in sections A, B1, B2, and D should be added in one place.
  • The constructive response score for section C NS B2 should be added in one place.
  •  Add the score for MC and CR to get the total score; 85 is the maximum score.

Algebra 2 Regents Curve 2022:

The Algebra 2 paper is divided into four parts, each with a different number of questions. The highest score for this paper is 86, and the result will be calculated in the raw score and scale score form.

  • There are three variants for judging the Algebra 2 score: raw score, scale score, and performance level.
  • The raw score is the real mark a student gets in the exam and will always be measured out of 86.
  • The scale score will convert the raw score to 100, and the result will vary in proportion to the raw score.
  • The performance level of Algebra 2 Regents Curve 2022 is measured on a scale of 5.

How are Algebra 2 Regent credits distributed?

The student achieving a performance level of more than three is considered good as it indicates that they passed the exam. As discussed above, Algebra 2 Regent has four parts, and we have tried to show its distribution into credits.

  • Part 1 of the paper has 44 credits and is the most important part of the paper for scoring well.
  • Part two of the paper has 12 credits from eight questions.
  • Part three four-question but two credits.
  • The last part has one question and three credits.

Physics Regents Curve 2022:

The education department tries to collect the result of each student for the year and curves them. It also collects previous years’ results and curves them to normalize them. The result for Physics Regent is not much curved across the year, but for math and Algebra, it is a little curved and is on the higher side.

Final Verdict:

The student wait for Regents results is over as of 24th June; all the ratings will be declared. The education department has given a clear guideline

About rating, and students should follow it while seeing the result for various papers. Have you appeared for the Physics Regents Curve 2022 examination? Students can share their views on the Regents exam in the comment section.

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