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Please read this report to learn about Peupleduquebec com, seeking votes of Quebecers to end the public health emergency that the government has declared.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic changes worldwide concerning education, employment, finances, and, most importantly, health. The citizens of all countries had witnessed the phase when there was no solution to this virus, and the death tolls were involuntarily increasing. Today, although vaccinations are available, due to the government regulations of some countries, the residents are still struggling with the pandemic. 

In this report, we have discussed Peupleduquebec com, a website created for taking legal action against a government act via the opinions of citizens of Quebec, Canada

What is Peupleduquebec?

Peupleduquebec is a French term meaning People of Quebec. The developers of this portal have recently created it on 5 October 2021, aiming to end the health emergency declared in Quebec by seeking the votes of the Quebecers online. The website contains the People’s Bill Number 1, wherein the citizens have mentioned how the health emergency has curbed their fundamental rights of freedom and accessibility to health information. There are more clauses on Peupleduquebec com regarding the opposition of the citizens.

What is the Health Emergency About?

The Government of Quebec passed a decree numbered 177-2020 on 13 March 2020, by which they declared a public health emergency in Quebec. The emergency shall remain till 15 November 2021, according to the latest update of the official notice. The government proclaimed this emergency is abiding by the declaration of COVID-19 as a health emergency condition announced by the World Health Organization. 

The decree imposes various restrictions on the citizens of Quebec for protecting their health and preventing the further spread of the Corona Virus. As per the notice, which Peupleduquebec com strongly detests, the government may close educational institutions or social gatherings if they feel the need to do so. The announcement also prohibits childcare and daycare services, and indoor gatherings of more than 250 people are not allowed. 

Why does Peupleduquebec Oppose the Decree?

The people of Quebec believe that the government is using the health emergency condition as bait to curb the fundamental rights of the citizens. Even after posing so many restrictions, they have been unable to improve the health infrastructure in the largest province of Canada. The residents reaffirm by the people’s bill on Peupleduquebec com that the government and media are manipulating the statistics that this pandemic has caused.

The website also mentions that the government has made false promises to the citizens regarding the health care sector, along with the intimidation of media upon falsifying health information. The citizens are totally against the dismissal of skilled health workers by the government. 

Residents from all regions of Quebec, who are above eighteen years, can cast their votes by entering their name, region, and e-mail address. Quebecers outside Quebec can also vote on this portal. 

Conclusion on Peupleduquebec com

The people of Quebec are facing many difficulties in leading a normal lifestyle due to the restrictions that the government has imposed on them in the facet of this health emergency. The counter of this website is updated every two hours, and the total number of votes was 15,153 at the time of writing this report. 

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