Perfect World Revolution Best Class (Updated Codes)

Perfect World Revolution Best Class (Updated Codes)

Perfect World Revolution Best Class (Updated Codes) >> If you are a beginner in the game, this is the best guide for you to discuss all the powers and classes in detail.

Have you played Perfect World Revolution Game? If, yes this article will certainly enhance your experience in the game. The game is being loved Worldwide among the players. If by mistake you have missed the opportunity of playing this game.

Then, stick to the article to know about perfect world revolution powerful features. This guide will also work for you as the beginner’s guide. This game just doesn’t have a race but also Perfect World Revolution Best Class. To get the most accurate rankings about the classes, you are on the right article.

Details Of Perfect World: Revolution

Perfect World has recently launched its latest version of the game on 20th July 2021. The fantastic MMORPG game with 3D graphics is incredible. The game also has a layout in the vertical view, and the version has a new portrait mode.

The game is classic and has elements of ease of single-hand playing. The roles and classes depend on the choice of the players. But, the different classes have a ranking, to know Perfect World Revolution Best Class stay connected with the article.

Where Can I Get The Game?

You can get the game from the app store. The game is readily available for both iOS and Android. The game has the icon of a tiger. Just have to download it from there. The best thing is it is free.

Tips for Beginners

You don’t need to worry about playing the game on your Laptop; this is mobile-friendly. But, if you are looking to play it on your PC. Then, make sure you don’t miss this most crucial choice of Perfect World Revolution Best Class

  • Then customize the controls of your keyboard and mouse by going in the settings.
  • As said earlier, the class choice in the perfect world plays the essential role. If you want to know which the best class is, keep reading the article.
  • Because the choice of your class in character will affect the look, value and powers in the game.
  • Choose the best setting, as the game gives you a feature to optimize your performance. But, of course, you can enable that too after installing the game for better performance.

Ranking Of The Perfect World Revolution Best Class 

The version of Perfect World: Revolution can be accessed from here. The best classes are acc. to rankings in descending order of power.

  • Vulpine – The most versatile, high survivability feature accompanied with more significant damage.
  • Blade Masters – the best combination of speedy moves, various weapons and damage-causing skill to the enemy.
  • Barbarian – These characters have weapons to safeguard themselves and their allies.
  • Wizard – for devastating spells.
  • The following are Archer, Assassin and Cleric; these can be difficult to play.


Before wrapping up, check out the features and optimized graphics of the new version of the game. While playing, if you are aiming to win the game. Without any doubt, follow the above rankings of Perfect World Revolution Best Class.

Don’t forget to use the top ranking classes to defeat your enemy, and add the additional powers by choosing better classes. Which is your favorite roles in the game? Comment below-

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