Panther Coin Crypto (May 2021) Checkout Details Now!

Panther Coin Crypto (April 2021) Checkout Details Now!

Panther Coin Crypto (May 2021) Checkout Details Now! >> The following article is based on a trending cryptocurrency that has shown a lot of profit and attracted tons of buyers recently.

Are you a fan of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens? Are you looking for a new cryptocurrency to invest in it? We will today discuss one popular and affordable cryptocurrency, “PantherSwap Token” or “PANTHER Coin.”

The token is gaining a lot of popularity as the Panther Coin Crypto  is one of the top gainers this week. Most of its buyers are from the United States.

Please read our detailed article to get to know every detail about the Panther coin and whether or not to invest in it.

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About Panther Coin and Cryptocurrency

Panther Coin is a cryptocurrency token in which one can trade. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset built on a system that is spread across a massive number of computers. This distributed structure lets them exist outside the regulator of governments and central authorities.

Pantherswap is an automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM on BSC. In short, the Panther Coin Crypto is powered by Binance Coin. 

Let us now take a look at the specification of the Crypto to understand it better.

Specifications of Panther Coin

  • The total supply available for PantherSwap is 19,140,009 at the moment.
  • Panther Coin’s Market Cap has reached over USD 80,500,000.
  • The Panther Coin’s BNB holdings are estimated to be 23,500 BNB which is equal to over 15 million dollars. 
  • The Value Locked has crossed the USD 165 million mark and is rising continuously.
  • The current price of the coin is around $4.8523 per PANTHER. The token’s all-time high was recorded yesterday at $5.487 per PANTHER.
  • Panther Coin Crypto has seen a 60% gain in the last 24 hours. 
  • The coin has shown potentiality.

How to Buy Panther Coin:

  1. First of all, you must download or install the Trust Wallet, known as the Smartphone application or MetaMask, which is known as the Crypto wallet extension for browsers.
  2. Now, purchase BNB or BSC crypto coins on an exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. 
  3. Extract Binance Coin into your Trust Wallet, and open Trust Wallet, then click receive. 
  4. Copy the wallet address and go to Binance again and paste the copied address in the Recipient’s BNB address. Connect on the Binance Smart Chain and handover it into Trust Wallet before buying Panther Coin Crypto.
  5. Clack on Pancakeswap in the Trust Wallet app. Enter the amount you want to convert into Panther Coin from BNB. 
  6. In select the currency field, paste 0x1f546ad641b56b86fd9dceac473d1c7a357276b7 to find Panther Coin.
  7. Click on Swap and Voila! You just bought Orfano successfully.

Individuals who want to deal in this crypto currency, can watch this video before starting a deal, 


It might seem hard to purchase and trade cryptocurrency for somebody new to the idea, but the procedure is worth it. We saw about Panther Coin which is one of the trending and top-earning cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. 

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Which is your favorite crypto token? Let us know below.

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