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Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link {Feb 2022} Find Here How To Grab!

In this post, we have discussed Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link that Davao City residents will receive this festive season.

Are you a native of Davao City? Were you informed that pahalipay prizes are given out in the city during this festive season? Do you wish to learn more? If yes, stick to us.

Residents in Davao City in the Philippines will receive pahalipay or gifts to the Safe Davao QR code. Many people are curious to know more about the rewards. So, in this post, we will discuss Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link

About Davao City 

Davao City is a first-class, highly urbanized city in the Philippines’ Davao Region. It is the biggest city in terms of land size and the third-most populated city in the country. The city is Mindanao’s principal trade, business, and industrial center, as well as the Davao Region’s regional center.

Safe Davao QR code

Davao City’s official contact tracking system is called the SafeDavao QR. The organization’s tagline is that they want to keep our population healthy and safe by controlling the spread of COVID-19. Residents need to register to the site to use their services.

Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link 

Scheduled to begin from 8th December, the Davao City Government will distribute Christmas pahalipay or gifts through the Safe Davao QR code, commonly known as the DQR code.

In a radio broadcast on Monday, 6th December, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio revealed the information on this pahalipay reward.

During a conversation with 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio remarked, this year, in 2021, all festive or Christmas presents will be routed through the DQR code also known as the Safe Davao QR code. 

It is excellent news for the residents of Davao City. Every citizen who knows how to use the DQR code will receive the Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link.

Mayor also stated that all inhabitants of Davao City would get their grocery packs over DQR Link. The DQR has mainly been used for contact tracking as well as immunization campaign reporting. 

Mayor Sara also explained in the interview that she & the Davao City Government is expecting that all residents of Davao City know how to use the Safe Davao QR code. Davao City has been using the DQR code for over a year, so it is safe to say that all the residents know about it. 

All the residents of the city who want to collect their Christmas parcel or the Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link should log into their respective DQR account at profiles.safe-davao.com, as per a post on Facebook on the official Safe Davao QR page.

Starting 8th December 2021 through 31st January 2022, the Pahalipay reward will be available for the residents. 

According to the city government, there is no need for everybody to rush and grab the rewards at the same time. However, it is to be noted that all Davao City Government workers are not eligible for Christmas presents.


Davao City’s new rewards option is an excellent reward for the residents. Receiving gifts from the government always feels lovely! Visit the Save Davao QR website to claim the reward. 

Was this post on Pahalipay Rewards Dqr Link helpful to you? If yes, comment if you received the reward. 

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