Ottomated Among Us Mods (April) All You Need To Know!

Ottomated Among Us Mods 2021

Ottomated Among Us Mods (April) All You Need To Know! >> The write-up shares details about the new MODs of the famous game and the ways to get them.

Do you play the famous social deduction game, Among Us? If your answer is affirmative, you probably know Ottomated Among Us Mods. Ottomated is the popular streamer and content creator, having a huge fan follower in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom

Among Us is the famous social deduction game with dedicated fan followers, and the game has allowed many streamers and content creators to become popular with new MODs. Ottomated is the renowned content creator and developer known for Proximity Voice Chat MOD for the game. 

Recently, he completed designing the new MOD with in-game cosmetics that are on demand. 

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What are the Ottomated Among Us Mods?

Ottomated is the developer and content creator behind the renowned proximity chat MOD for Among us. He recently released a Corpse Husband-themed hat on his Twitter handle. Presently, there are two MODs available from the same developer.

However, the recent MOD is still in the testing phase and has not yet been launched for the public. The streamers featured in the new MOD need to test it during the streams. 

In the new MOD, you will see Rachel Valkyrae Hoffstetter, Jeremy Disguised Toast Wang, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband playing in the MOD.

The developer released the MOD on his Twitter page, featuring a collection of streamer-themed hats for the gamers. You will find different cosmetics in the Ottomated Among Us Mods.    

About Ottomated Among Us Mod Proximity Voice Chat

The Ottomated Proximity Voice Chat MOD was released last year, and it became a huge hit. The exciting part about the MOD is that there is no need for any custom server to use the game’s function. 

Downloading of the Proximity Voice Chat feature is also easy, and players can use the feature in between the game without downloading additional tools or having a custom server for it. 

About Ottomated Among Us Mod In-Game Cosmetics 

Recently, the developer launched a streamer-themed MOD featuring a bunch of cosmetics and hats for gamers. Some of the features you will see in the new Ottomated Among Us Mods are:

  • Sykkuno’s new scarf
  • Valjyrae’s new hairstyle
  • Clay Dream Bryce’s mask
  • Corpse Husband’s mask and hat

Like Ludwig Anders Ahgren and Iman Pokimane Anys, the other popular streamers are also expected to get their exclusive cosmetics and hat in the upcoming MOD. 

How to Get Crewlink for Among us by Ottomated?

The developer has no plan to make streamer cosmetics available for the public. But you can still download the cosmetics and use the Crewlink App for getting different Ottomated Among Us Mods.    

  • Access the CrewLink App and scroll down to the assets
  • Click the setup link and extract the .exe files
  • Download the files by double-clicking on it
  • Ensure that the game is updated with the recent non-beta version  
  • Open the app and launch the game to get the cosmetics 


Ottomated is the developer of different MODs for the game. However, the earlier Proximity Voice Chat MOD was a colossal hit, and recently, he has launched the MOD with streamer-themed cosmetics. 

Players can get those cosmetics before they are launched, with the help of above steps. Do you already have the cosmetics? Please share your views on Ottomated Among Us Mods in the comments section below.

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