Operation Failed With Error 0x000011b (Nov) Resolve It!

Operation Failed With Error 00011b

Want to know about the Operation Failed With Error 0x000011b error that many Windows users face? Well, you can check out the details that are provided below.

Are you aware of the error that is faced by a lot of users nowadays? Well, you can know regarding it through the information that we have provided below.

The users Worldwide are not getting many fixes about the error, and this error is mostly occurring due to the Microsoft update done recently.

Operation Failed With Error 0x000011b helps know that the windows users have been facing this error for a few days.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the error that is occurring after the Microsoft update. Also, we know that these errors irritate a lot if they do not get solved on time. So, this error is caused to the incorrect system if it is not fully updated.

So, to be precise, the error occurs mostly because if you have not entered the small details correctly and even if your system is not fully configured.

Operation Failed With Error 0x0000011b can also be seen if no regular entries to the Windows registry. Some other causes of the error would include file system damage on Windows. This can also be caused due to some Malfunction present on your pc. Incorrect software installation is also one of the reasons for this, and it leaves invalid entries in windows.

If you have accidentally deleted any of the important files on your Windows, this error can also be seen. So check the important points related to the error below. 

Important points on Operation Failed With Error 0x0000011b:

  • The kind of fix you need to do depends on the kind of error and the cause. One of the fixes that the users can use is downloading the trustworthy software on their operating system that can help restore the data.
  • The users can run their file checker tool on their system and see any corrupted files.
  • Repair the system and install a disc.
  • After the installation, the error will be mostly resolved.
  • The processes can diagnose the system registry and help in repairing your system.

Views of people on Operation Failed With Error 0x000011b:

We find that the Windows users are receiving this error code message on their PC, and the error started popping out in Windows 10 users’ PC mostly and all around the world.

The main cause of this error is the Windows security update, and we also see that if the users remove their recent windows update, they are mostly able to resolve this error.

The bottom line:

According to our research, we find that recently a lot of users are facing Microsoft operating error on their system, and users aren’t able to resolve their error even after trying the fixes. Hence it is suggested to report to the Microsoft forum about Operation Failed With Error 0x000011b.  So, the users can try the fixes and resolve the issue by reading details on Looking for the solution when facing any error.

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