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Do you desire to learn how we can obtain the EXIF data of an image? Then this write-up will help you with the web page Onlineexifviewer com.

Do you know how we can get the information about EXIF data of an image? Is there any tool for this? We will talk about such types of online tools or websites. Worldwide for geotagging its images, Vietnam has the topmost ranking. 

So now what is the exifview of the picture? A website is available on the internet that is Onlineexifviewer com to get the EXIF data of an image. So, onlineexifview website for EXIF data of images is also getting used by many users there. 

What exactly is EXIF data?

Exif can be extended exchangeable image file. In the digital image of any photograph, it’s a standard format to store the interchanged information using jpeg compression. Today’s digital cameras use this EXIF information to store the image’s information. 

We also get the GPS information of any picture, and from that, we can get the information that where the photo is taken. Onlineexifviewer com is the website for knowing this EXIF data of any image.

Additional information about Exifviewer:

Exif data support for directing location of a picture, date and time. As we know, modern cameras have a pre-loaded GPS receiver in them, and the EXIF viewer can take the information from them by extracting from  tool.

Along this EXIF, data can be a problem in security because it locates your device and your position. It also reveals the device’s Unique ID without giving the user any information. But this problem can be avoided by the Metadata removal tool. Many users use this data to create fake pictures on the internet.

Onlineexifviewer com:

Online EXIF viewer is a website used to view the EXIF data of the image uploaded on the website. Support the metadata images of format JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PNG, WeBP, and HEIC. 

We can extract the Exif data of the images from this website. When we upload our picture on this website, we get the following information about the idea.

  • Date and time
  • Aperture Value
  • Gps location
  • Orientation
  • ISO speed
  • Shutterspeed
  • White balance
  • Focal length
  • Camera model
  • Lens used and many more

By extracting all this information, you can create your picture according to the format used by another image.

Additional information about Onlineexifviewer com:

This website also claims about your privacy and security. They claim they will upload your image locally to get the information, not our server. You can only share your data if you want to share. To know more about the online EXIF view please visit.


Onlineexifview is a website is used to get EXIF data of image because of the security and the website’s privacy. It is used in tourism and traveling to take photographs and exchange their formats according to the picture taken and create a  fake picture with alike specifications.

We hope this article helped you know about an image’s EXIF data and Onlineexifviewer com website. Please do comment.

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