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Here we tell you how to prevent an Online Review Promo Codes Scam– detection and diffusion techniques.

Online shopping has become the norm nowadays, and so have online scams, frauds, and phishing incidents. There are incidents where people have lost money, data, and privacy over internet scams. It is now palpable in Russiawhere complaints regarding scams have augmented in the past few months.

However, no country in the world is alien to the shenanigan. Online Review Promo Codes Scam has emerged as the newest mechanism to commit fraud on the internet. Let us explore different dimensions of the scam and the preventive measures that could be taken. 

What is a Promo Code Scam?

Searching for coupon codes online is a method commonly used to save money on buying things. It has, unfortunately, become a ripe target for scammers to plant their bugs or directly defraud the person and fetch money. The promo codes generally offer a discount of 10 or 15 percent, and some, however, offer up to 50 or even 70 percent. Online Review Promo Codes Scam produces varied results while searching for promo codes as many sites with different discount offers are displayed on the screen. 

All of them look legitimate on the face. They normally ask for your phone number and email address and promise to send you the promo code on the email. In case the website is a fraud, you will start receiving spam calls, text messages, and at times evil links shall be sent on your email as well. Here you should know that they have sold your information and you have been a victim of an online scam.

Online Review Promo Codes Scam: How to Detect and Diffuse?

As said earlier, on any website, every coupon looks legitimate and real. No one would scribe on their website that the coupon is a scam. However, there are some general methods to detect and avoid scams. If most websites offer a 10 or 15 percent discount, and one is offering 60 or 70 percent, the latter could be a scam. It is unreasonably high, which is a sign of its being a scam. 

A promo for, say, $1000 or even more is generally an Online Review Promo Codes Scam as no one would be offering this much money as a promo coupon. One should never pay for a promo code as they are generally free. Additionally, the terms and conditions of the website could be referred to, if possible. When you pick an online coupon, they take you to different websites showing something different altogether; a sort of car loan or any pharmaceutical material or Amazon products at discounts. You are advised not to click anywhere on such websites. 


Online scams are on the rise, and Online Review Promo Codes Scam has emerged as the newest mechanism to commit them. The users are advised not to get swayed by extraordinarily high discount offers. They should not share their personal information without verifying the authenticity of the website. To know more, see What are the common forms of coupon fraud?  

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