Oftenhave com Reviews {May 2021} Is This A Scam Or Legit!

Oftenhave com Reviews 2021

Oftenhave com Reviews {May 2021} Is This A Scam Or Legit! >> An e-commerce site that sells products at reasonable prices. Is the site legit? Read the content to know.

It is an online shopping portal that sells products related to fashion accessories such as S925 Crown Sparkling Dance Necklace, IFY™ S925 Double Band Rainbow Ring, Sprite Fairy Wing&Colorful diamond gradient butterfly wings earrings, Eye leather bracelet, Astronomical Sphere Sterling Silver Ring, Blue Cloud Opal Ring -aurora borealis, A spoof chicken feet socks et cetera.

By researching about Oftenhave com Reviewswe will discuss here about this digital portal selling the products at reasonable prices in the United States and know how genuine this web-based purchasing site is. Let us begin.

What is Oftenhave com?

It is an e-commerce site that deals with products related to a private salon such as IFY™ Nail Polish Bottle Holder, IFY™ ONE STEP NAIL POLISH PEN, IFY™ Mermaid Hair Curler; beauty makeup like 4D Silk Fiber Mascara, 8D Quantum Magnetic Eyelashes, Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream; innovative products like A Sister is God’s Way of Making Sure We Never Walk Alone Keychain, Creative touch vase small night light, THE BIONIC SMASH CRAB; goods like Magic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, Detangler Bristle Nylon Hairbrush, Elephant Mother And Child; garden decoration like Chrysanthemum SOLAR GARDEN STAKE LED, Glow in Dark Tree Elves Garden Décor, Rooster Windmill Garden Décor et cetera.

This article will help you to get the answer to the question Is Oftenhave com Legit.


  • Website Url: https://www.oftenhave.com/
  • Portal Type: It is an e-commerce site that sells products related to fashion accessories, salons, beauty makeup, creative effects, garden decoration, et cetera.
  • Address: Not mentioned on the portal.
  • Email Address: support@oftenhave.com 
  • Contact Number: Missing from the site.
  • Cancelling order details: It is not mentioned.
  • Delivery Policy: Not mentioned.
  • Delivery Cost: Not mentioned. 
  • Return: Applicable with the terms and conditions.
  • Exchange: Not applicable.
  • Refund: Available.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal.


  • Special offers are available.
  • According to Oftenhave com Reviews, items are shown with photos, color, discounted prices, specifications.
  • Return and Refund are applicable.
  • FAQs are present.


  • The contact number of the owner of the company is missing from the site.
  • No address authenticity as the address is not available on the portal.
  • Not connected to any of the leading Social Media Channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter et cetera.
  • Terrible trust index only 1%.
  • Only one mode of payment is PayPal.
  • No reviews on the portal and Trustpilot.
  • No Customer Care Number on the portal to make any inquiry complain.
  • The brand is not famous.

Is Oftenhave com Legit?

This following aspects will determine how honest this digital shopping portal is. Let us start-

  • Customer Care Number: This site does not have a Customer Care Number.
  • Domain Age: Not mentioned on Dupli Checker Tool. 
  • Brand Registration: It is not noted on whois.com.
  • Presence Of Social Media Platforms: Not available on Social Media Pages.
  • Address: The address is missing from the site.
  • Owner Details: The portal does not tell anything about the company or the owner.
  • Reviews: No reviews on the portal and also on Google.
  • Trust Score: Horrible, just 1%.
  • Brand Popularity: Not popular.
  • Modes of Payment: PayPal only.

As we can see above that this portal is highly suspicious and can lead to a scam. Please research it well before availing it.

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Consumers Oftenhave com Reviews:

We visited the site to read reviews. But there were no reviews on the portal. After that, we went to Trustpilot to check the reviews there. There we could find 0 reviews. Since this web-based purchasing portal is not attached to any of the leading Social Media Channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, we could not access any review from there. Hence we did not come across any review from anywhere. Based on our research, this online shopping portal is highly suspicious, leading to customers falling into the trap. Customers are suggested to be careful while buying anything from hereOftenhave com Reviews will help you to find out the authenticity of the site. 


Its trust index is horrible, only 1%. The contact number of the owner of the company is missing from the site. The customer care number is also not available in case a customer has any inquiries. No reviews on the portal and Trustpilot. It is not attached to social media. Following Oftenhave com Reviews, this site that operates in the United States is highly suspicious. All these factors make this site highly misleading.

Which shopping portal you usually prefer? Please inform us.

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