Office Depot Store 45 (October 2020) Get Complete Insight!

Office Depot Store 45 Scam

Office Depot Store 45 (October 2020) Get Complete Insight! >> Looking for a store from where you can buy all items for your office? A  must-read post to know if the store is helping customers or wasting their time?

Are you looking for an all-in-one store from where you can buy all items for your office?

Office Depot Store 45 is one of the leading office products provider founded in 1986. It is based in the United States

It is a one-stop solution for everything your clients need to be more productive, like- core office supplies, business services, furniture, school essentials, etc. It helps its clients work better.

Some interesting facts:

The company had annual sales of $11 billion in 2016 and an employee strength of 38000 associates, with about 1400 retail store with a network across the globe. 

The company has many brands- OfficeMax®, Office Depot®, and Grand & Toy and exclusive product includes – Ativa, TUL, Brenton, Foray, and Highmark.

What are the Specialties of Office Depot Store 45?

  • World-Class Websites 
  • Customized Solutions
  • Sustainability & Diversity Services 
  • Multi-Channel Ordering & Purchasing 
  • Global Presence/Local Touch 
  • Consolidated Billing 
  • Award-Winning Service 
  • Class Pricing Strategies
  • Needs Analysis
  • Custom Business Reviews
  • Business Services

What the customers have to say?

With more than 10 Lakhs followers on Facebook, we find many authentic reviews about Office Depot Store 45, and surprisingly most of them are critical. Let’s read what they have to say:

One of the customers says, even after two weeks, he is still waiting for his refund.

Another says this is the worst company he has ever dealt with. He ordered one product from them, and nobody can tell him where his package is. It’s been more than three weeks and now wants to cancel his order—he suggesting others not to buy from this company.

The other one says he ordered a sectional sofa from the company ordered about a week ago. And receive his order in time, But his credit card was charged for two couches i.e., $866.69 extra. He made many calls, and this morning he received 2nd notice coming to pick up the 2nd sofa, which he never ordered and received.  

Thus, from the above reviews, we can easily conclude how unhappy customers are with the company’s services. Many of them have not received the products they paid for, and some of them were charged twice or thrice the product.

Final Verdict

With the worldwide presence in many countries, including the United States, Office Depot Store 45 seemed to be an authentic store at first glance. But the customer reviews tell a completely different story and are critical of the services given by the company.

How surprising is it for a company in the market for the last more than 35 years, and an employee strength of 10K has not been able to win its customers?  

Feel free to reach out to you if you wish to share your experience in the comment section below. We are waiting for your feedback!

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