Oakes Farm Naples FL (Feb) The Owner Of Oakes Said

Oakes Farm Naples FL

Oakes Farm Naples FL (Feb) The Owner Of Oakes Said -> The owner of Oakes farm was found overruling the Coronavirus rules. Check out how many cases are increased with such a big mistake.

Oakes Farm Naples FL, United States Grocery store video is trending where every employee and shopper is without a mask on the internet.

We all are still fighting with Coronavirus and its contagious symptom. The only thing that keeps us safe is wearing a mask and sanitizing ourselves, but Oakes Farm’s owner does not believe this fact.

Let’s find the full story!

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What is Oakes Farm Naples FL?

Oakes Farm is a famous Grocery store located in Florida, a sub-region of the United States. This has a selection of all major pantries from fresh meat, grocery, nuts, and seafood. Plus, it is a fresh bakery that sells fresh food items like fresh bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and more. Apart, many shoppers reach their store to drink fresh juice and coffee.

Unlike other grocery stores in Florida, Oakes Farm market is one the best shop that receives hundreds of visitors in a day. Hence, it is important to use precautions and stay safe at the time of the pandemic, right? But visitors and especially the team of Oakes is not considering the rules.

Who is the owner of Oakes Farm Napels?

Oakes Farm Naples FL store owner is Alfie Oakes, who established this store in 2005 intending to provide organic food to their customers without any use of chemicals. Currently, Alfie is trending on every news channel when the footage came out of his store with the caption “social distancing and wearing a mask rule is overruled entirely’ and it is the center of spreading Coronavirus.

Where the news came from?

The video came out and trending with 7,600 comments, 16,000 re-tweet, and 20,000 likes on Thursday morning. The mixed reactions came out, some people supporting and some were not. Alfie wasn’t in the comments, but he held to NBC and said he knows wearing a mask is not essential.

Further, Oakes Farm Naples FL, the owner added, the Coronavirus has killed thousands of people, and that’s total hogwash. He said people should wear a mask when they have a medical condition. Besides, a mask is not necessary at his store because it doesn’t control the Coronavirus.

According to the CDC, the only way to prevent COVID is wearing a mask, but it is very shameful that some people are not following the rules and contributing to COVID spread. Besides, CDC said the total number of Coronavirus patients had climbed up with 452,000 cases, and where Napels is located, it has seen an increase of 27,000 cases.


Oakes Farm Naples FL is contributing to COVID cases or not; we don’t know. But according to CDC, it is important to wear a mask and follow social distancing when in the crowd. There is nothing wrong with following the rules. After all, it can save us and make us alive without health issues.

Are you wearing a mask? Are you following social distancing? Share your answer in the comment box. This would let us know how much we are contributing together in reducing the spread of COVID.

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