Novisor Among Us {Mar} Let’s Read About the Character

Novisor Among Us 2021

Novisor Among Us {Mar} Let’s Read About the Character -> Are you aware of the evil character of Among Us? Read the article and gather information.

The news is prevailing in the United States among players about Novisor Among Us. Novisor is a UN senator belonging from Texas and now known as an evil character in Among Us game.

Novisor is the legend in Among Us game and is the best-known cartoon animation.

There are various other characters and animated cartoons present in Among Us game. Still, Novisor has recently been liked by people, and now the news about it are spreading and players want to know in deep about the animated cartoons’ name no visor.

So let’s now know in short about this legend that plays a significant role in Among Us.

Brief Information about Novisor Among Us:

No visor is a legendary evil character belonging to Among Us game, and now due to some of the strange events, this evil monster is trying to hunt down the crewmates in Among Us, as stated in one of the YouTube clips.

Now veterans and players want to escape from this evil monster named No visor to avoid any trouble. So, in short, this character is addressed as an evil character by Among Us players.

Some Interesting Facts about Novisor

  • Novisor’s real name is Aiden.
  • Crewmates are afraid of him.
  • He is going to trap crewmates in the game forever.
  • The evil monster has blood flowing out of the mouth.


Novisor Among Us is the cruel and evil monster. Aiden has gone through some strange events in his life, due to which he has adapted the character of a monster. He was an average student studying in college, but the game takes a turn, and he became the fear of crewmates. His motive is to eliminate all the crewmates. So, crewmates, be safe.

The addition of the character has raised the competition level for the gamers. Are you ready to play with no visor?

Guys, which is the favorite character in Among Us game? Please share your views in the comment section.

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