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The guide shares the list of Nickname for Shinx that worldwide gamers use for the character in the game.

If you enjoy playing the video game series of Pokemon, you might probably know that unique and nicknames are used for the popular charter Shinx. Pokemon is a famous online video game with a colossal gamer base in the United States.

People love playing this game because the level heightens the problem-solving and thinking abilities of the gamer. Besides, the game also has several fictional characters that gamers have to use as their pets and pamper them. 

Shinx is the electrifying character in the game known by several nicknames, and we are here to list down some of the Nickname for Shinx.

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About Shinx in Pokemon

Shinx is the Pokemon character in the game that got popular and came into the limelight from the IV generation series. The character resembles a lion cub with light blue and black colors mixed all over the body. 

The character has a red snout with huge ears and yellow eyes, and it features a golden star-shaped pattern on the body. Since it resembles a lion cub, it has small teeth visible on the top jaw when it opens the mouth.

When the character expands the muscles, it creates electricity called Electra. However, there are many other Nickname for Shinx, which we will discuss below in the post.     

What is the Shinx Evolution?

Before jumping into the nickname section, we must understand the evolution of the character in the game. Apart from the main character Shinx, other characters belong to the Shinx family, including Luxio and Luxray. 

Unfortunately, the other characters from the family are only unlocked with some special candies.

  • Luxio unlocks when spending 25 candies
  • Luxray unlocks when spending 100 candies    

What is the Popular Nickname for Shinx?

To date, different nicknames have been used for the Shinx Character in the game. However, most of the nicknames are inspired by their appearance, features, and mythology. Below is the list of nicknames that people use to call the character in the game. 

  • Aurum – People consider Shinx as a lion cub with a golden soul, and hence the Latin term Aurum is used to call the character. 
  • Sky – The electricity it generates by expanding its muscles resembles the sky’s lightning thunder, and hence it is also called by the nickname sky.
  • Electra – It is the Nickname for Shinx because of the electricity it generates, and it looks like a flash of electricity.  
  • Estrago – It is the Spanish term used for lightning stars, and it perfectly suits the electrifying character of Shinx. 
  • Denki – It is the Japanese term used for selectivity.   

There are other nicknames used for the character which are accessible for you online, including 

  • Simba 
  • Jupiter
  • Bolt
  • Zuri
  • Lixy
  • Scruffy
  • Dark Spark
  • Wattson
  • Burza 
  • Shanx
  • ShinXie
  • Sheinux

Wrapping It All

Pokemon is a captivating character that is accepted by games in the United States. After the introduction of Shinx in the fourth generation, it got popular amongst the worldwide gamers with different Nickname for Shinx

Which nicknames do you like the most? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section below? 

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