NHS Tax Refund Scam (Dec 2021) Get Detailed Information!

Latest News NHS Tax Refund Scam

Please read this report to know the NHS Tax Refund Scam that the National Health Service members faced regarding the receipt of tax rebates by fraud companies.

Are you a member of the National Health Service? Did you receive any suspicious calls regarding tax rebates recently or in the past? Did you hear anyone talking about it? Do you want complete clarification in this matter? Then, please read on to get the crucial information and truth.

In this write-up, we have revealed the facts about a subject that NHS members and residents of the United Kingdom are eager to clarify. Therefore, please read on to discover the verity regarding the NHS Tax Refund Scam

What is NHS?

NHS, or National Health Service, refers to all the healthcare providers that the government of the United Kingdom funds. Aneurin Bevan founded this concept in 1948, who was the then Health Minister. NHS comprises the organizations in three parts of the nation, namely England, Wales, and Scotland. 

Most healthcare providers empaneled under NHS provide free medical services, like doctor visits, surgeries, medications, etc., to the citizens. The government funds the organizations out of the taxes that the nationals pay and some contributions of insurance companies. 

What is the NHS Tax Refund Scam?

In 2016, many members of the National Health Service received fraudulent information from some companies regarding waiving off their taxes. The news agencies on the Net have reported that these companies entered the NHS systems during lunch meetings or training sessions. 

The tricksters also advertised their tax rebate services in the receptions and canteen zones of the NHS offices. Once the members would enquire about the display, the false service providers would ask them to sign forms. 

These forms would supposedly give the companies the right to connect with the HM Revenue and Customs, or HMRC. Regarding the NHS Tax Refund Scam, members would have to declare via the forms that the fees will be applicable on receipt of the rebate. 

Is the Liaison with HMRC Genuine?

HMRC is the governmental and non-ministerial body of the nation that looks after tax collection. The authorities confirmed to the news agencies that they paid some amounts to the companies in lieu of the refund requests. 

However, the fraud companies only received the refunds from HMRC. They did not pay it back as the promised tax rebate to the NHS members. Thus, some members of NHS fell into the trap of the NHS Tax Refund Scam after they signed these misleading forms.

The Next Course of Action

To avoid being the target of such false promises and fraud firms, we request you be cautious always. You should not attend to any unknown or suspicious calls or messages. If you find any offers too good to be true, please research thoroughly before indulging in them.


Many NHS members were targets of this scam. Thus, we request you know How to protect yourself from a scam to remain alert. Also, please read about more details on NHS  and its functions. 

We found updated information over the Web till 2016. If you are still facing the NHS Tax Refund Scam, please let us know in the section below. 

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