NFT Ugly Ass {Jan 2022} Collectible on Deso Blockchain!

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NFT Ugly Ass has all the relevant information related to the first social media blockchain Deso and Ugly Ass Non-fungible token.

Are you an art lover and have a particular interest in hand-made artwork collections? Hand-drawn artwork is getting popular among Brazil NFT enthusiasts after being made digitally available. 

The non-fungible token has changed the face of the art industry as it allows the ownership of the art using blockchain technology.

Ugly Ass collectible is created by Refined Enterprises and is available on the decentralized social blockchain network. 

At present, it has its value as an art collection. To know everything about NFT Ugly Ass, read this article till the end.

About Decentralized Social Blockchain: 

Deso is a layer one blockchain built to solve the problem of social media applications and increase the transaction per second. 

According to the Deso developers, the requirement for Decentralized finance and social media apps is different, and each needs a separate platform for scaling up. 

It has a plan of decentralizing social media application users to the level of one billion, and for that, the platform architecture should be different. 

It has the sole purpose of tapping the social media market using blockchain technology.

NFT Ugly Ass transactions and data will be stored on the Deso blockchain network. It has had around 100,000 downloads with $1.4 billion transactions on its network.

What is Ugly Ass Collectible? 

Ugly Ass is a hand-made art collection of more than 150 asses and is presently available on the Polygram platform. 

People interested in this NFT can see all the digitally modified art on the Polygram portal.

Many value addition plans are going on for this NFT, and soon T-shirts and Hoodies with graphics of Ugly ass on it will be available in the market. 

Some facts related to NFT Ugly Ass:

People can also get a customized ugly ass token on its t-shirt by messaging the developer. Some of the facts about this NFT are listed below.

  • It is available on a Decentralized social blockchain network.
  • After every drop, t-shirts and hoodies with NFT ugly will be available in the market.
  • Customized ugly ass will be available to the customer on request, and for that, they should visit official portal.
  • To get ugly ass T-shirt message on Twitter@uglyassco.

What is the benefit of Holding Ugly Ass Collectible?

NFT holders will get 25 percent of sold merchandise value of that particular collectible. 

The first buyer bonus of NFT Ugly Ass will consist of NFT proceeding into buying of Ass coin, and 50 percent of the value generated will be credited to the winner.

The developer is making every effort to make NFT into a valuable item so that people holding it can earn some revenue from it. 

Its association with Deso will give many benefits to the developer as they exclusively made social media sites.

Final verdict:

Deso is a much-needed platform for the individual owner of NFT     and artists as it will allow them to show their skills to more people. 

NFT Ugly Ass developer is putting all its effort to make the token useful for the collector.

NFT enthusiasts can share their thoughts on Deso and Ugly Ass in the comment section below.

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