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This article contains complete information about Nex Osrs Wiki, its Ancient Prison, rewards, and methods to enter the prison and achieve and get Nex. 

Have you ever known the facts about Nex Osrs? One of Zaros’ most strong disciples is Nex. Deep within the God Wars Dungeon, she is held captive in the Ancient Jail.

Nex, officially referred to as Zarytes, is a nihil from Freneskae who has the physical traits of the Vampyres, aviantese, demons, and icyene.

Many users among Venezuela, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other world areas explore Nex Osrs. So, this article below will help them know information and interesting facts about Nex Osrs Wiki.

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How to get Nex Osrs?

The Ancient Prison of Nex is hidden behind the iced gate in the God Wars Dungeon’s southern section. It could only be unlocked by gathering the frozen or iced key, which is fallen by the commanders of every dungeon’s factions fighting while the mini-quest of The Frozen Door is in action: Kree’arra, Commander Zilyana, K’ril Tsutsaroth, and General Graardor. 

To achieve Nex, you will need at least seventy hitpoints, agility, strength, and rang (all of them unboosted). 

Nex could be fought by up to eighty players in a single encounter.

What is Nex Osrs Wiki?

Monster Examine is currently unavailable on Nex. If they try, a notification will appear in the gameplay’s chat that says, “You didn’t locate out the statistics.” 

Mod Kieren acknowledged that this was done on purpose to give enemies a feeling of suspense when they were first released.

Though no word as to whether gamers would be able to summon the magic on Nex in the coming years.

Is there an update on Nex Osrs?

The Nex Osrs update would be available to all gamers for free and begin on January 5, 2022,11:30 a.m. GMT. 

If you are curious, you need to know about the heavily excited Nex Osrs Wiki update, including complete patch notes and information.

How to enter the Ancient Prison?

On December 16, 2022, the keen-eyed within users might have seen the launch of a brief mini-quest called ‘The Frozen Door.’

Without giving anything away, finishing this would provide you access to the Prison, in which you will encounter a Guthix devotee, Ashuelot Reis, who has taken on the terrible duty to keep Nex restrained. 

She would provide your team a quick tour of the prison facility before inviting everyone to meet her outside the chamber of Nex.

The wonderful Blood Reavers, Rangers and Mages, and Spiritual Warriors are among the enemies in Nex Osrs Wiki army.

What are the rewards in Nex Osrs?

A platebody, a Full Helm, and a set of quite attractive Platelegs make up this melee outfit. 

It is more defensive and offensive than the Bandos combination, but it lacks the protective chops and delectable Prayer bonus that Justiciar provides.


The creators recently launched Nex Osrs.  in a unique platform and its update. Over its drop, you will find that the Torva set’s parts are damaged and unusable. 

It occurs when you keep your gear in a frozen jail for hundreds of years. You will have to patch it up with parts of Nex Osrs Wiki from the Bandos kits.  Do you find the news helpful? Please leave your comments at the end.

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