Newtonville Shooting {June} Know What Actually Happened!

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The Newtonville Shooting incident has turned out to be threatening for the people in the surroundings. The police officers do not yet confirm the remarks.

The news about a shooting in Clarington has shocked everyone in the surroundings. Do you know, this incident happened on 19th June on Newtonville road before 2 a.m? Three men were shot and were found injured outside a house. This incident scared the people in Canada

Let us learn more about the Newtonville Shooting, its after-effects, and all other details in this article. Stay tuned to know more about this shooting incident and other similar incidents.

What happened in Newtonville? 

On 19th June, from around 1:30 to 2:00 a.m., a gun shooting occurred in a house on Newtonville road. Three people were seen injured out of the house. These victims were shot and stabbed and were left awfully. The victims were found on the concession at 4am in the morning. 

Out of the victims, two were shot, and one of them was stabbed. The attackers made sure to injure all of them seriously. Newtonville Ontario Shooting has led to a chaotic atmosphere in the surroundings. These were rushes to the hospitals and trauma centers in the morning. 

When did this happen? 

This shooting incident was overlooked by the police when they received a call at 4 in the morning on 19th June. It was reported on the concession road outside the house, and the police were informed instantly. This incident seemed to be held from around 1:30 to 2 a.m., and nobody was aware of this incident. Police forces are trying to search for the evidence. 

Newtonville Shooting incident updates

The victims are seriously injured, but the victims have saved their lives through this threatening incident. Police say that there is no suspect or evidence regarding the incident and has asked the neighborhood to contact them if they have seen anything suspicious. Suspects are asked to contact them at the number provided, which is 1-888-579-1520 ext. 1614.

What are the other incidents? 

Along with this life-threatening incident on the Newtonville road in Clarington, there were two other incidents. On 17th June, a 26 years old lady was shot in Durham; similarly, a man was admitted to the hospital with wounds from gunshots. 

Newtonville Shooting took place after these incidents, and police are still trying to find out any suspect related to these incidents. If these are related or are they different is also not known yet. We shall update you once we get any further news on this. 


With this information, we have come to an end to this article. The incident on 19th June left the police in a dire state. Once the people are out of threat, they shall be examined by the police. We shall update you further. 

If you are intrigued to know more about Newtonville Shooting, follow the link next and read the details about the incident.   

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