Mutch Wordle {June 2022} Check The Answer For Puzzle 376

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Are you someone who holds an interest in the answers of the Wordle? If so, you must have noticed one thing: it is not the right answer that always trends; sometimes, wrong answers that major people answer also start swirling on the internet.

Wordle has gained extreme popularity in countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, and the United Kingdom. It has become one of the discussible topics among office colleagues, friends, or people working in different spheres. Let us put some facts about Mutch Wordle.

Why Is Mutch Swirling In The News Of Wordle?

If you search on the internet about the Wordle answer, you will get a list, and every word that is the answer of a particular day creates a storm among the people on the internet. The most obvious reason is the extreme popularity Wordle has gained among people.

Mutch is a word that is circulating on the internet as many players think it is the correct answer for 30th June. But this is not true. The answer to Wordle 376 is Hutch. Let us check the meaning of these words.

Meaning Of Mutch Game

The word Mutch which is wrongly trending in the Wordle game, means a cap made up of linen clothes. Older women and children especially use this kind of cap. So, we can see that this word is a meaningful one.

Meaning Of Hutch

Hutch symbolizes one kind of cage or a special box generally constructed of wood. This kind of box also has works of wire on its front side. This box is generally used to keep Rabbits and other small domesticated animals inside it. The front side is used for feeding purposes.

Words That Are Same Like Mutch Game

  • Kutch
  • Dutch
  • Butch
  • Hutch
  • Futch
  • Cutch

Let us see the words that became the answers of last week.

Words That Are Answers Of The Last Week Wordle

  • Hutch- It is the 30th June answer, as we have seen.
  • Gawky –It is 29th June answer.
  • Droll- It is 28th June answer
  • Retro- It is the 27th of June answer
  • Rusty- It is 26th June answer
  • Beady- It is the 25th of June answer
  • Smite-It is 24th June, answer.
  • Brink- It is 23rd June answer.
  • Awful- It is the 22nd June answer.

How To Solve Mutch Wordle?

Wordle game is indeed an interesting game. Certainly, this game works as a stress burster. When we talk about hints and tricks of the Wordle game, the function of colour comes into the business.

  • In the boxes where you have to put the letters to form a word, if you put the right letter on the right box, that box’s colour will become green.
  • If the letter we pick is right but placed in the wrong box, the box will turn yellow.
  • The grey color signifies the wrong letter.


In this article, we have talked about the meaning of Mutch Wordlewhich is circulating on the internet. We have also given why this word is trending instead of not being the right answer. 

Have you tried today’s Wordle? Which word do you think was the answer? Please share with us below. Further, to know more about this topic, click on

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