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Music Heardle Game {May} Explore Rules And Procedures!

The article will provide you with information about the Music Heardle Game. Get all the latest information and details about the Heardle game.

Do you want to play Wordle with a musical twist? If you are interested in musical Wordle, let us introduce you to Heardle. Heardle is a popular game recognized by millions of people Worldwide. This article is for everyone who loves playing musical games.

So here we will discuss the Heardle official website, today’s answer, and all the details about the Music Heardle Game.

About Heardle game

The heardle game is a musical game that can be played globally. Wordle has been inspired to develop several similar games. Heardle developed as a homage to Wordle. In the Heardle game, players have to guess the title and the artist of the song by listening to the intro.

Now, let’s know today’s heardle answer:

  •  The song was released in 1985.
  • The song includes two words.
  • The song is sung by an American pop-rock girl band.

Did you get the answer? If not, then here we are revealing today’s heardle answer. So the answer for today is ” The Bangles- Manic Monday (1985)”.

Heardle Game Music Website

The Heardle game’s official website is (https://www.heardle.app/). You can go to this link to play the Heardle game. After visiting the website, you can get the surface to play Heardle. The game was launched on 2 March 2022. Each day, you will get popular tracks from well-known artists, and you need to guess them.

Players will be given six attempts to find the answer. If you failed on the sixth attempt, the game would display the correct answer. After you have played the game once in a day, the game can only be unlocked at midnight as per the time zone of your region.

Music Heardle Game– Gameplay

Some new players haven’t played the game yet or are confused over the gameplay. So let’s elaborate on the rules and procedure for Heardle:

  • Go to the official Heardle website.
  • A search box will display after six blocks.
  • Click on the play option to play the song and listen to the music intro.
  • If you don’t get the song once, you can click on skip to play further for six seconds.
  • You can only skip for +5 seconds. After every single skip, each chance to type the answer will be deducted.

In the Music Heardle Game, you can make streaks and share the scores with your friends on social media.

These steps will assist you in playing the game within a few easy steps.


The article will give you in-depth details about the Heardle game. We have mentioned the answer for today’s Heardle, Heardle official website, and some more crucial details about the Heardle game. If you are playing it for the first time, you must go through the gameplay to learn the procedure. Visit this link to learn details about Heardle

What are your views on the Music Heardle Game? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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