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Music for Cafés and Restaurants: Background music is played in all establishments, even in small coffee places or fast food cafés. In a noisy mall, this creates a sound barrier that separates you from the background sounds, which helps to create the right atmosphere. For fast food locations, it is important that people eat quickly and go, and for restaurants and cafés — that guests relax, order more meals, and stay longer. In this article, we will tell you how music affects the atmosphere of the café and how to use it legally.

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How Does Music Influence the Atmosphere?

Musical and sound design, as well as the interior, evokes very strong emotions: it makes you think, feel happy, relax or dance. There are many musical genres, and each of them impacts different emotions. Therefore, an individual playlist is selected for each institution depending on how you want to influence visitors. The choice of music is just as crucial as the selection of staff or the equipment. Fortunately, you can find the royalty free background no copyright music mp3 download by following the link.

Music in the café can attract guests to the institution and motivate them to buy something. Alternatively, it can scare them away, if it’s too loud, not appropriate, or just a low-quality recording. To avoid such mistakes, you should properly select the background music for different types of establishments, and make sure that you use it legally.

Copyright Issues

In order to freely play musical compositions, it is necessary to obtain permission for their public performance. Copyright and related rights must be ensured in order to play music legally. Commercial use of copyrighted tracks is prohibited worldwide. To obtain a permit, you must apply in person to the copyright holder or sign an agreement with the intermediary.

You have to understand: if you use original music for commercial purposes, you will have to pay for it. It is not necessary to pay directly to the copyright holder, you can enter into an agreement with an organization that controls public use, so as not to be fined for music in a café, as we have already said.

There is always a chance that a control organization will suddenly come to your restaurant and record a copyright violation. Fines depend on the number of recorded songs that are played illegally. If you think that the violation is just a reproduction of the original recording, you are wrong. Violations also include:

  • reproduction in any way and any form;
  • translation of composition, and use in another language;
  • any adaptation, alteration, arrangement, and similar changes;
  • inclusion in collections;
  • public performance of compositions.

Since all this is also a violation, it will be difficult to get out, and if you plan to use background music tracks of famous artists, it is better not to save on the contract. A license for music in a café is an investment that will protect you from force majeure and sudden checks.

Background Music for Different Establishments

Below, we decided to make a selection of suitable background music for different types of establishments. The right combination of interior design, atmosphere, and music will give the desired result, creating the proper mood of the guest:

  1. A café is a good place for negotiations, meetings, dates. Background music in such establishments should be fresh and stylish. The main thing is that it is quiet and unobtrusive: the visitor should not think about it. The most suitable genres are acid jazz, ambient, downtempo, and deep house;
  2. Bars and pubs are always noisy, everyone is drinking alcohol and talking loudly in companies. The perfect background music for the bar — all varieties of rock — from classic rock’n’roll and hard rock to alternative, brit, and indie;
  3. The hardest choice of background music awaits you in a restaurant. Restaurant playlists are a bit similar to the selections for small cafés and coffee shops, but the emphasis is more on live instruments. On weekends, it is perfect to invite musicians to perform live. At other times, almost all varieties of jazz are suitable, except for its loud versions;
  4. Fast food is a place where all the songs from the most important charts should be. Visitors come there to eat, not to relax, waiting for a risotto with oysters. Popular styles are perfect here: R’n’B, hip-hop, progressive house, electro house, pop, dance, electronic;
  5. In some cases, the music is selected according to the theme of the institution. This often applies to cafés and restaurants. For example, if your establishment has purely Italian cuisine, then Italian pop and Italo disco are ideal.


Don’t try to fill the playlist with trendy music if it doesn’t suit your institution at all. You should not follow the trends, these melodies can be heard everywhere. If you are not sure what to play in your café, bar, or coffee place, contact a professional. It is better to choose a style and genre that will create the right atmosphere than to scare customers and experiment with regular guests. 

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