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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Mundoaplicativos Com, featuring hundreds of write-ups on various topics.

Are you interested in a knowledge forum discussing various topics? Do you have a hobby of reading articles and write-ups on the latest happenings in Brazil? Are you interested in visiting a website that covers broad categories of topics, including films, serials, news, mobile technologies, and tips on extra income? 

Then, is a website of your interest. But, before accessing, would you like to know the features and legitimacy of Mundoaplicativos Com?

The Legitimacy of

The mission statement of informs that it provides news articles related to mobile phones. Furthermore, mentioned that it is a digital marketing company that produces videos for YouTube and website content. 

However, gained a terrible 1% Trust Index, suggesting that it is a Scam. Additionally, it achieved a below-average Business Ranking of 47.2%, suggesting that the website is unsafe for users’ personal and payment information. gained a poor 8,732,456 Alexa Rank. It scored high on the suspicion profile with a 31% proximity score, 5% on phishing, 2% on spam, and 6% on threat and malware profiles. 

The Features of Mundoaplicativos Com: uses a secured HTTPS connection to transmit data. was not blacklisted. provides services via a single server located in the USA.

Mundoaplicativos IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 199 days. was registered in Brazil on 29th December 2021. It is seven months and three days old. It was recently updated on 17th February 2022. has a short life expectancy as it expires within four months and twenty-seven days. mentioned its privacy policy and terms of use, but it was found plagiarized. In addition, Mundoaplicativos Com did not include a customer service contact number (or) email. Instead, users can reach customer service with the help of an inbuilt messaging window. 

Franciele de Sousa Pereira is the owner of, +55(889)9228-1995 is his contact number, and is his email address. The email address is not a business account but a free email service. office is registered at Rua Vereador Felix Dias Ibiapina, 1397 Antonio Carlos Belchior, Sobral, CE-62053760, also included as the address of several domains. Hence, the specified physical address is fake.

Content of Mundoaplicativos Com: featured more than 140 write-ups related to various topics. But, most of the latest topics focus on betting, betting sites, and how betting benefits users. Unfortunately, is not present on any social media platforms. 

Please note that we do not support/promote any betting sites/articles related to betting. The details provided in this article is for information purpose only.

Conclusion: reviews suggest that it is a Scam. Even more than seven months after its launch, it has terrible Trust, Business, and Alexa Ranking. Further, most of the articles on the website are related to betting instead of news and digital marketing, as specified in its aim and mission statement. Mundoaplicativos Com scored high on the suspicion profile. 

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