Msa Keeps Stopping (March 2021) – How To Fix This?

Msa Keeps Stopping

Msa Keeps Stopping (March 2021) – How To Fix This? >> The write-up shares details about the error on mobile devices along with some common fixes.  

Xiaomi users are taking to Twitter and forums to report a new issue, “Msa Keeps Stopping.” MSA is a system service that sends the error message to users when attempting to open any usual mobile application, especially Gmail. 

Worldwide users are encountering the error message on their Xiaomi mobile phones or other devices. However, Xiaomi is aware of the error message that users face, and the company issued an official workaround for it. 

Hopefully, the error would disappear soon after the company fixes it. But, there are manual fixes available that will be discussed later in the post.

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What is Msa Keeps Stopping Error?

It is the type of error or bug that Xiaomi users are facing. It is considered part of the latest Android System WebView App, and it comes as a bundle with all Android devices. Android System WebView is the built-in application supporting other apps to display the content without opening any dedicated browser. 

The bug is identified as part of the recent update from the company, and Worldwide users face it. However, the solution to the error is simple. There are a few simple steps that users need to accomplish to get Msa Keeps Stopping error fixed.     

Stopping or disabling the MSA on your device is the simple solution to fix the error on all Xiaomi devices. Besides, Google is also working on it to improve the messes at their end. 

How to Fix the Error?

If you face the error on your Xiaomi device and want to know the fixes, please continue reading. Below are some of the standard and simple steps you have to take to solve your device’s error. 

  • Go to the setting of your device where you are having the Msa Keeps Stopping error.
  • Click on the “App” icon.
  • Tap on the “Manage App” icon
  • From the dedicated search bar, you have to search for “Webview or MSA.”
  • Click on the “App Info”
  • Uninstall the application or disable the updates permanently.

What Users Have to Say?

As mentioned, worldwide Xiaomi users face the error, and they have shared their views in the tutorial videos’ comment section. A few video tutorials are available online where viewers are guided with steps to fix Msa Keeps Stopping error. 

Many users have praised the tutorial, and they are happy to know that fixes are available. They have confirmed that they are facing the error on their device. With the help of the video’s steps, the error is fixed. They are using their device without issues.


It is the standard error that Xiaomi users across the world face, and with the help of a few common steps, it can be fixed. 

Msa Keeps Stopping error is caused due to the latest updates, and hence it is suggested that the device’s automatic update function must be disabled. 

Are you the victim of the error on your device? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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  1. Your instructions were helpful, thanks! Rebooted my phone after disabling updates on Android Webview and now every app runs smoothly.

  2. Hai this is not good system this system don’t have any other phones next time we can’t by the phone

  3. MI phone I am using and for the last 4/5 days I am facing MSA unable to view any emails, WhatsApp attachments etc

    Kindly send the solution for this bug

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