Checklist for Moving Out of a Rental Property

Complete Information About Checklist for Moving Out of a Rental Property

Moving out from your own house is something everyone has a plan for ‒ or at least a resemblance. But what if you have to move from a rental place? There are clearly some things left to do before you grab your boxes and leave. 

It’s even easier to do when you have professional movers on your side to help you pack and load everything:

So, if you already know what and where to pack, what steps to take, and how to prepare for your move in general, it’s time to talk about cleaning.

Cleaning before moving out from rental place: a checklist

To make it easier on you and your renter, it’s best to prepare a checklist.

  1. Floors. Start with floors after you complete the superficial cleaning like dusting and packing your belongings. You can sweep the floor with a mop or use a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning option ‒ just make sure the floor gets clean even in areas difficult to reach.
  2. Walls. Remove nails and wash the walls lightly ‒ you will be surprised at the freshness it will bring to the room. You can repaint the walls if you feel like the room needs it.
  3. Windows. Regardless of how much time has passed since you last cleaned the windows, do it again correctly before moving out. This will make your renter’s life easier and will give you additional good tenant points.
  4. Doors. Don’t think that doors don’t collect dust and dirt ‒ they actually do! Clean the handles and surfaces, and if the doors have glass inside them, clean the glass as well.
  5. Kitchen. Well, no one likes cleaning the kitchen, but you should probably do it as the kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house. Make sure you have something against the grease and clean everything thoroughly: counters, appliances, surfaces, and all that is inside the kitchen cabinet.
  6. Bathroom. Make sure that the plumbing is working properly and if anything, give it a repair while you can. Also, clean the mirror, the tub or cabin, and the sink. Polish the look with an air freshener.

If anything, this should cover it all. Of course, you might still have some additional things to be taken care of: minor repairs or some laundry left to do. Remember the state in which you rented the place, and make sure it complies with the look when you move out. This is the best way to leave the old house with good memories, and your deposit returned.

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