Motivation Letter: How to Make an Effective Motivational Presentation?

How to Make an Effective Motivational Presentation

Knowing how to write a job motivation letter is essential if you are looking for new job growth opportunities and want to differentiate yourself from other applicants. 

Sometimes, some recruiters request that you attach a job motivation letter in addition to sending your resume. In this document, you have the opportunity to detail what motivates you to apply for a particular job and make an impact on the talent selection team. 

But what are the characteristics of a job cover letter, and what are the benefits associated with writing this type of motivational cover letter?

Throughout this blog post, we will answer these questions; at the same time, we will provide you with all the tools you need to write a job cover letter in simple steps. As a result, you will be closer to getting the job that will enhance your professional development.

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What is a job motivation letter?

To know what a job motivation letter is, you must consider that it is a special document in which you explain your desires and motivations to achieve a certain job opportunity.

Unlike a curriculum vitae, which lists your professional experience and academic studies, a job motivation letter is a brief presentation that highlights your aspirations. And also your competencies to access the position in question. 

According to studies, the possibilities of growth within a company are one of the fundamental elements that applicants take into account when applying for a job search. 

The request for a job motivation letter indeed tends to be more frequent when applying for academic studies or scholarships. 

Consequently, some companies nowadays require a cover letter to get an overview of the candidate’s profile and skills.

Tips for writing a cover letter

Making a creative resume and accompanying it with a cover letter can be a perfect combination to attract the attention of a company’s talent selection team.

So that you know how to write an effective cover letter, in this section, an essay writer will provide you with some general organizing information to optimize your writing:

  1. Be sincere

First of all, when writing a cover letter, it is essential to write sincerely. 

In a nutshell, a cover letter is a general presentation of your skills and desires to apply for a position. Therefore, it is important that you convey the highest level of professional credibility. And that is achieved by being totally sincere. 

  1. Use appropriate language

Also, if you want to learn how to write a job cover letter, you must take into account the type of language. In fact, it must be precise and directly convey your aspirational needs to access the job.

According to a Forbes analysis, 50% of virtual communications are misinterpreted due to bad use of language. Therefore, it is important to establish a correct structure of your job motivation letter’s content and be precise when communicating.

If the company to which you are sending your cover letter is foreign, we advise you to write it in English. 

At the same time, when writing your cover letter, check your grammar and apply the spelling rules since your writing style is a reflection of your job profile.

  1. Apply your creativity

If you want to achieve a successful job motivation letter, you need to be creative. This does not imply losing formality but rather using words and the presentation of your motivations strategically. 

Remember that you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the recruiter who is reading your resume and cover letter.  

The resume should be constructed with great detail and care since the recruiters or the people who will be making the decision to consider you for a position will have many other resumes from other candidates; and surely, they will not spend more than a minute determining whether or not to call you for an interview. The length of your resume will depend on your professional and academic experience. The rule implies that the length of your CV should be between 1 and 2 pages maximum. 

In summary, when writing your cover letter, show the aspects of your personality in a creative way. And try to generate empathy in the reader in two pages as a limit of extension. 

  1. Structure your job motivation letter

On the other hand, analyze the structure of your job motivation letter. Throughout the development of the motivational letter, it is essential that you take advantage of the benefits of storytelling techniques to generate a pleasant reading. 

Here, we present an ideal structural organization for your job cover letter:

  • Place your personal and contact information.
  • Make a presentation about your job profile in the first block of text of your cover letter. That is, who you are and what you do.
  • In the second block of your job motivation letter, you can determine what has been your experience and the levels of academic studies you have achieved.
  • In the third block, explain why you think you are perfect for the job and the elements that motivate you to apply.
  • Make a call to action to express that you will be waiting for the recruiter’s response. 
  • Say goodbye and sign the job motivation letter.
  1. Pay attention to the presentation format

Finally, when designing a cover letter, keep in mind the font, size, and spacing between words. Indeed, we recommend that you use a standard font, for example, Arial or Times New Roman, in size 12 and with a 1.5 line spacing. This will make it easier to read. 

In summary, a job cover letter is a resource that serves to enhance your employment profile when applying for a job vacancy. 

Remember that words have the ability to bring you closer to the job possibilities you need to advance in your professional development plan.

The world of work continues to advance. That’s why you must be prepared to take advantage of opportunities. So, write your job motivation letter, make an impact on recruiters and achieve each of your career goals. 

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