Mochila Among Us Fortnite {June} How To Get Cosmetics?

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Please scroll down the post to get more information about the collaboration between the Mochila Among Us Fortnite and other details.

Do you love playing games? What if you get new and exciting retro backpacks only by playing games? It has been said that the players must collect stars to get cosmetics for epic game currency. People are looking forward to the upcoming changes that are going to take place. 

The game is especially played in countries like Mexico, Spain, Brazil, etc. Further, it is discussed how to play, what to collect and other details of the game Mochila Among Us Fortnite. Follow the article to know more details about the game. 

Collaboration between Among us and Fortnite in brief 

The talks about the collaboration between the two have been going on for a while now. It was recently confirmed when they announced the collaboration and details related to that. Their story goes back to August 2021 when temporary ‘Impostors’ mode was added to the game Fortnite. 

the brand Among us inspired it. From there on, they became very interested in the collaboration. It was only possible because Innersloth, whose manager was disappointed and wished for them to work together.

Mochila de Among Us

Among us is a website dealing with various backpacks for school, colleges, and travelling per the person’s need. They offer great deals to their customers with the best quality products. It is a website where along with bags, other accessories are also available. Among us, it keeps the interest of the customers first. 

Different kinds of Impostors are drawn on the bags, like desi lady, school 2022, 90’s cartoons, and so many other categories, with some classics, cartoons and simple Impostors. It is the main attraction of the Among us Mochila edition. 

How to get Mochila Among Us Fortnite Cosmetics 

To get the cosmetics, you will have to buy Among us products or collect Star Pack, the game’s currency, from the Epic store before 9th June 2023; the cosmetics will be added to their Fortnite game account. But it is correct that you will have a year to collect the cosmetics. 

But if you got the game for free, you will have to buy it again; it is available at cheap prices, and later, it will be available at Fortnite Shop Items. For example, the worth of the game Mochila Among Us Fortnite in Colombian pesos is 7189, and the package of 20 stars is 2869 pesos. 

Note: All information contained in the article is based on internet research. 

Final summary 

Overall, everyone is looking forward to the Impostors. Still, it is not quite clear yet if it’s only cosmetics or if something else will also get added to it, along with collecting stars and purchasing among us. Click here to learn more details about the game and the rules. 

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