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The write-up below of the Floods gives detailed news about Misirakyat com Banjir and the views of the people in handling the situation. Scroll down and read.

Three days of nonstop rains in Malaysia over the weekend have led to huge losses of lives and livestock, submerging the houses of the people partially. This loss has disturbed the Malaysian government, and the weather department has received backlash and criticism for not issuing flood warnings and being very slow in responding to the help needs needed by the people of Malaysia. For more information about the Malaysian floods, visit Misirakyat com Banjir and get detailed information.

What is the news about?

The news sparked three days ago when Malaysia received nonstop torrential rains causing severe flooding in eight states. The death toll has risen very sharply, and it is estimated that the death toll will continue to rise when more bodies are found. An estimated 51000 people have been rescued from their homes. Images are circulating in social media that central Kuala Lumpur has submerged over the weekend and that the country has not experienced such a massive flood since 1971. To know more about the flood mission, read the Misirakyat com Banjir section.

The government is also ready to experience a surge in the covid-19 cases as many people have gathered together in a single place. 

Essential points about the flood

  • The flood has led to huge losses in the state, and Kuala Lumpur is believed to receive more floods as the city is built on a muddy confluence.
  • The people have termed the government as highly inadequate and weak, and the blame is on the Malaysian government for not taking measures on time.
  • Some parts of Malaysia are vulnerable to flooding, and they experience floods during the months of November to February.

Views of the people on Misirakyat com Banjir

People have expressed anger and sadness simultaneously as they have lost their near and dear ones in flood, and they are also disheartened to see that the government is unable to act on their part to control the situation and put in some relief measures. 

One of the survivors said they had not brought anything with them except for their clothes and their children’s birth certificates. Since Monday, the rains have been in control, and many have returned to their residents. The situation can be seen in the Misirakyat com Banjir post. People said that the Government’s slow response infuriated them, and the civil defence force arrived only after three days of the flood when everything was almost lost.

The bottom line 

After going through the entire condition, we can say that the Malaysian people tolerated the situation to a huge extent and tried to cope up themselves without getting any help. They lost many family members during this, and thousands of people were displaced.  Read here to know more about the detailed news relating to the Malaysian floods  and on the post-Misirakyat com Banjir.

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