Mishot to Win .com {July} Read About The Sweepstakes!

Mishot to Win .com 2021

Mishot to Win .com {July} Read About The Sweepstakes!>> Read the content and enter Sweepstakes by getting the vaccination shot.

Getting vaccinated now has become fun and exciting as many countries are offering cool prizes, discounts, giveaways, treats and more around the world to get vaccinated. One such latest Sweepstakes in the Michigan, United States is gaining a lot of popularity because of the huge Prize giveaway along with many other prizes. 

All the details of Eligibility criteria for each of the drawings is available at Mishot to Win .com

What is it about? 

On Thursday, the LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) – Governor declared the MI Shot to Win Sweepstakes, which is a lottery-style raffle that gives vaccinated citizens at the amount of $5 million in cash and a combined college scholarship of worth $500,000.

This sweepstakes is open from Thursday, 1st July to Aug. 3, 2021 only.

Eligibility to enter? 

Any 18+ age residents of Michigan who have got the shot of first vaccine are qualified to register for the $5 million cash giveaways by signing in the sweepstakes online Mishot to Win .com

Additionally, Michigan’s vaccination sweepstakes gives an opportunity to win one out of the nine Scholarship Drawing prizes which is available to vaccinated citizens between 12-17 age group on their behalf the parents to enter. 

Each of the Drawing prize comprises of a four-year Michigan Instruction Believe (MET) charitable educational cost contract (esteemed at $55,000) which will be utilized to pay for educational cost and obligatory expenses at a college or college in understanding with MET terms and conditions. 

Goal behind Sweepstakes

The objective of the Mishot to Win .com open outreach campaign, comprising of an arrangement of state-wide drawings, is to raise mindfulness of the accessibility and viability of COVID-19 antibodies and give motivating forces to urge a COVID-19 immunization.

The point of the MI Shot to Win Sweepstakes is to extend the state’s rate by 9% – or roughly 767,000 Michiganders – to realize the state-wide objective of 70% of inhabitants age 16 years and older who are immunized.

List of Giveaway Prizes:

Michiganders can qualify to enter this sweepstakes by getting their vaccine shot for COVID-19 at Meijer or any vaccination from their specialist, nearby division, drug store, etc. The Mishot to Win .com Sweepstakes giveaways include:

  • $1 Million Drawing: One (1) $1M Drawing prize for age 18+ consisting of $1 million awards. 
  • $50,000 Daily Drawings: Thirty (30) $50,000 Daily Drawing prizes available for age 18+ consisting of $50,000 awards.
  • $2 Million Drawing: One (1) $2 Million Drawing prize for age 18+ consisting of $1 million awards. 
  • Scholarship Drawing: Nine (9) Scholarship Drawing prizes available to vaccinated citizens between 12-17 age group on their behalf the parents to enter. 


The overall objective of the giveaway is to get all the citizens vaccinated in the state as early as possible through these exciting giveaways which is happening across the United States, which you can read in the official website  

Have you enrolled for Mishot to Win .com or any such giveaway yet? Do comment and let us know.

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