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Microsoft Bing Free Robux (Dec) How You Can Earn It

Microsoft Bing Free Robux (Dec) How You Can Earn It -> This content will give you all the required information about the robux generation via Microsoft and the exciting rewards it offers.

Have you heard about this new Microsoft Bing Free Robux? Have you tried this way of getting free robux tokens? If not, then do stay with us till the end to get the inner details of this new digital currency generation. The users can also get free rewards through the daily set activities on Microsoft.

The online players from the United States get excited about earning five free robux by merely searching for anything on bing.com.  

However, the user must be searching online to find the detailed procedure of earning free robux via Microsoft. So, here is all you need.

What is this Microsoft Bing Free Robux all about?

Microsoft is offering a free 100 robux to all the online players on signing up to the Microsoft rewards program. This program gives special offers to the users in the daily activities through which they can earn free robux and use it further for buying stuff within Roblox. 

And the most exciting part of this rewards program is that the users can earn up to five robux daily by searching for anything online on bing.com. Moreover, users can also get Roblox gift cards and Xbox cards. The users can also win exciting gift cards for different stores like Hulu, Starbucks, and taco bell from this Microsoft Bing Free Robux. Moreover, the users can also see the details of this Microsoft reward program on Twitter.

How can the users get 100 robux for free?

The user can follow the following procedure to earn free 100 robux:

  • Open the Microsoft rewards and tap on the ‘click now to claim your robux’ option.
  • After that, the United States user can scroll down and open ‘more activities’ and click on the ‘claim your robux’ option.
  • Continuing this way, the user needs to select the ‘redeem reward’ option.
  • This will redirect the phone verification, and the user will receive his robux egift card via e-mail.
  • The user can then open the ‘redeem Roblox cards’ option and enter the PIN received via e-mail to complete the verification process.
  • Then it will display the free robux earned by Microsoft Bing Free Robux on the right corner at the top.

Once the user saves his points, they can claim them for buying things in the Microsoft Windows store and on windows 10.

Final verdict

This Microsoft reward program offers daily activities to the users for earning the digital currency for using it in the game. The users can also earn extra robux in addition to these 100 by completing the daily tasks like punch cards. However, there is no assurance of the addition of these points to redeem robux within the game.

Also, this Microsoft Bing Free Robux doesn’t give robux token rewards to the players worldwide. 

Please tell us if you live in the US and earn the digital currency from this program in the feedback section at the end.

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