Michael Colleran Obituary {July 2022} Know The Dates!

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This article will tell you about Michael Colleran Obituary and other information regarding his Life and Death. Also, we will discuss the reason for his death.

Did you hear about the Obituary of Hockey player Michael Robert Colleran? The Death of Michael at the age of 34 is very painful to everyone, including his family and friends. Do you want to know how he died and the reason behind his Death?

He attained outstanding achievements in the United States and created an excellent reputation in field hockey Sports. Moreover, everyone is looking for Michael Colleran Obituary ceremony and the cause of his death. Keep reading for the entire information.

Obituary ceremony of Michael.

The invitation of Michael obituary will be held on 18 July between 4 to 8 p.m. at his home in Quincy. The Keohane funeral published this information on 16 July regarding the ceremony of Michael Robert Colleran. As per the announcement from his family, it will be held at his own home in Quincy on Monday, 18 July, i.e. Monday. The burial ceremony will be held on 19 July around 10:00 a.m. at the Keohane Funeral.

Moreover, the reason for his Death is not exposed yet. We will update you if we get any further information regarding the cause of his death and the place of the Death.

About Michael Colleran Obituary

Michael was born in Quincy. Recently he was living in Rockland. His father, Andrew Colleran, raided him. He did his graduation from the men’s field High School and got his bachelor’s degree from environmental science college in Framingham state. He has a good passion for hockey, started playing hockey from his school only and played in various tournaments at the school level.

After recognition for hockey, he also played for clubs and teams in his country England. But the sudden death of Mike led to misery for his family and friends. Soon his obituary will be held on 18 July this Monday. 

Cause of Death. 

Michael Colleran Obituary will take place on 18 July between 4 to 8 p.m. Moreover, there is no information about how he died and where he died, but the only information available is that Mike died at age 34. The family of Michael broke after the miserable death of their youngster.

Also, there is no information available about where he died, but his father tok good care of him and helped him achieve all the success he desired. The Sudden death of Michael breaks down his family, and the Michael Colleran Obituary information available according to his family is printed by the Keohane Funeral on the social page, including the time and date and venue of the funeral.


Michael is a decent person who played hockey for clubs and teams, but his unexpected death at 34 shook his family and friends. However, there is no clear information about the cause of his death.

What do you think about Michael’s unexpected death? Please share your condolences and feelings in the comment section. To read more info about Michael Colleran Obituary, you can visit the funeral page 

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