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Mgp Merla Ganschow & Partner Steuerberater {July} Read!

This post is about Mgp Merla Ganschow & Partner Steuerberater to inform about a tax consultant that assists and supports tax or legal matters.

Are you looking for a reliable law firm? Then, you must have heard about an international law firm for labor law and tax law issues. Berlin-based Merla Ganschow & Partner is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary legal firm for every labor law and tax matter.

Users Worldwide often look for law-based firms to solve labor and tax law matters. You can reach their official website and check for the required services. So, let’s know more about Mgp Merla Ganschow & Partner Steuerberater in the write-up below.

Who is Mgp Merla Ganschow?

Sebastian Merla, Dipl. Kfm. Served for one of the top moderate tax consulting and auditing firms in Germany for many years after completing an examination in business administration with honors at the Free University of Berlin. In 2012 and 2013, after completing the examination to become a tax consultant, he established the tax firm Merla. 

As a result of his expertise and real-world knowledge in global tax law, Mr. Merla was named a specialized consultant by the Berlin Chamber of Tax Consultants in 2017 for international tax law. In 2017’s summer Merla Ganschow & Partner merged when the tax firm Merla merged with the tax firm Ganschow and the law firm Menthel, becoming Merla Ganschow & Partner Steuerberater.

Which consultant services are offered by MSG Merla’s firm?

Its tax consultants assist businesses (such as freelancers, tradespeople, partnerships, and corporations) and private persons (such as leasing and rental employees) in every aspect of their tax obligations, trustworthily and reliably.  

The law firm also provides a complete spectrum of services in English for private persons and businesses with a global background. In addition to the typical duties of a tax specialist, its areas of expertise include business start-ups and international tax law guidance. It specifically satisfies their needs and those of their clientele with their extra qualifications as a specialized consultant for global tax law, KFW company start-up adviser, and a qualified Offensive Mittelstand consultant.

Mgp Merla Ganschow & Partner Steuerberater:

The new law firm employs the most up-to-date methods of virtual financial accounting. So, the DATEV recognized it as a Virtual Law Firm in 2019 and again in 2020 and 2021. The law firm also provides consulting services to businesses and private persons; a comprehensive consulting strategy and individualized assistance are essential.

It writes your income tax return (pensions, capital income, leasing &rental, employee), the gift or inheritance tax return for private individuals, etc.  Besides, it handles the required bookkeeping (payroll accounting, asset accounting, financial accounting), profit estimation (annual financial statements, profit and loss account, income surplus account), and tax returns for businesses (sales tax return, trade tax return, corporation tax return). All these are handled by Mgp Merla Ganschow & Partner Mbb.

What is the company specialize for?

Their tax advisors are experts in international tax law and business start-up guidance, in addition to the basic duties of a tax office. With the skills attained by the tax agency as a specialized consultant for global tax law, KFW company start-up consultant, and trained Offensive Mittelstand consultants, expertise was developed in practice and theory. Also read more about MGP Merla and Steuerberater.


MGP Merla, a tax-based firm, partnered with the Ganschow firm and collectively offered many services through their knowledge and expertise. The company offers tax advisory support and services more than a basic tax consultancy.

Besides, Mgp Merla Ganschow & Partner Steuerberater offer the initial consultation free of cost with 365 days and 24 hours of assistance. Did you like our topic on MGP Merla and Steuerberater? Write your opinion about the company in the comment box.

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