Mexico Did It Scam (May 2021) Checkout Details Now!

Mexico Did It Scam (May 2021) Checkout Details Now!

Mexico Did It Scam (May 2021) Checkout Details Now! >> Do you wish to know the facts and originality of the news about malware through cell phones? Read here for complete details below.

Have you ever thought of infected by a virus via the usage of a Cell phone? Yes, Worldwide people are worried about this news which is spreading like wildfire.

The people wanted to know that Mexico Did It Scam is this news fake or genuine.

Let’s read further the deep research on this and stay aware of such messages.

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About the news of spreading the virus:

In the educated world today, we every day listen to various news which makes no sense. Recently the news, which is winning traction of Worldwide people, is about malware that will enter and attack via the cell phone. Do you think it can be natural or a fact? Please stay here to know more.

What is the message spreading about?

The message is in the form of an image file that conveys that Mexico did it and spreads like Mexico Did It Phone Virus.

The text of the image says that covid-19 is gone in Mexico, and there is no single case and finally cheering it as “Mexico did it.”

Further, the message states that do not open this as once it will open, a virus will enter your phone. This would happen in very little time, like five seconds, and there is a virus that will affect you and your family.

Was there anything like Mexico Did It Scam happen earlier?

The news shows that a similar incident happened in 2020 when a message spread like a wildfire.

The message was known as “Argentina is doing it,” and further, it says that your phone will be hacked. This message was also later declared as fake and bogus.

About proof:

It has been seen that there was no relevant evidence found of the 2020 message. That was also made bogus, and it was a false statement and wrong message.

Similarly, for the 2021 version, the message change to Mexico Did It Phone Virus, but no evidence can make it worth it.

Only the country is different, and the video file changed to the virus via cell phone. But they seem that there is some scammer who floats such messages for their own sake. 

The renowned sources like CNN and BBC also have not shed any light on this news. Hence this clarifies that this message is bogus and untruthful. People should stay alert and shall not believe in such false messages. For details, you may read.

Final Take away:

To conclude here about this hot news, we would say that our research has shown that these two messages, which have come in 2020 and 2021, have many similarities. 

There is no such report from BBC and CNN, and hence Mexico Did It Scam is bogus.

Please share your viewpoint about these two messages in the comment section below. If you want to know more about the scam, please click here to know more

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