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The Final Fantasy series is one of the oldest and most popular gaming franchises Worldwide that has been running since the NES days. One of the most avid communities has grown up with it and brought in a new generation.

 The new game Stranger of Paradise attempts to retell a whole new story in the alternative time of the original game. It’s an ambitious project that has managed to gain critical acclaim, with the Metacritic Stranger of Paradise being at 72 percent. 

About Stranger of Paradise

The idea of reboots has become extremely popular in the gaming world as we’ve seen remakes of Demon Souls and Shadow of Colossus being huge hits. While these games tend to play similarly with only graphical upgrades, Square Enix sought to tell new stories. 

This game shifts from the original by being far more violent and mature in its themes. It was supposed to be the big unveil for E3 2021 but was leaked to the press.

Strangers of Paradise Review

At the time of writing, the game at Metacritic has over 43 reviews from verified publications. About 21 reviews are mixed on the whole game, and many critics have posted positive reviews. The more positive reviews remark that the game has a great combat system and is incredibly fun to play. 

Many have said that it is a reinvention of the franchise, making it a success. The negative reviews have made fun of the writing and the one-dimensional storytelling at the display. The new protagonist, jack, is labeled as overtly serious compared to the previous characters.

What does the Metacritic Stranger of Paradise mean for the franchise?

Every since the mixed to average rating has hit the internet; there has been a large debate about what it means for the franchise? Some believe that the critics are wrong about the game itself. They are just happy to be part of the game’s nostalgia, while others are hoping for a return to form for the game. Both halves of the fandom are excited about a new installment of the Final Fantasy series.

The chaos meme

In the original game, the major antagonist is the character chaos, which one has to defeat as the final boss battle. Ever since the trailer dropped with the Jack character is constantly shouting Chaos, it has become a meme. 

Nearly every Metacritic Stranger of Paradise mentions the overuse of the word Chaos calling it ridiculous. For many, the overly serious tone has been either a lot of fun or criticism. However one thinks about it, even the detractors have called it entertaining.


The Final Fantasy series has always been a bit absurdist, which has always been the game’s appeal. However, this game pushes the boundaries far further than anticipated by many. It has to lead even the critics who have always been favorable to question the direction. 

The below-average Metacritic Stranger of Paradise might mean that the developers now need to have a relook over the whole franchise as a whole.

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