Reviews (March) Is This An Online Scam Site? Reviews 2021 Reviews (March) Is This An Online Scam Site? >> To know the website’s description continues reading the complete article; this article will share complete guidance and eye-opening insight based on a hi-tech product-based scam website. Reviews: It is appreciating to see a lot of people have started supporting online shopping sites. Individuals are responsible for the change in trends and allegations on an online website. And this is why online shopping websites get a reason for other days of business to increase.

Instead of Black Friday sales in the United States, people are more addressed to extreme discounts over the internet. 

Have you ever heard that the internet has a scam going on where you buy the deal, and the internet eats it and walks away? Well, this mindset is completely responsible because of many scam websites. 

With this new article, we would address you about various particulars about Reviews, Pros, Cons, shipping details, and is legit. Please keep a look at the result of the research we share with our dear readers, who are keen to read about scam websites and their way of new operations.

About Website is an online website that promotes its platform with hi-tech products all over the world. They aim to provide every individual with high-tech products at a very affordable cost and access their fantastic technology application. has a company house in the United Kingdom, but their domain was registered on 08 January 2021(with less than six months) in the United States

You need to know many points before investing the money; continue reading the Reviews article for more. They have free delivery for their fascinating products and provide worldwide shipping. Apart from their high-quality product list, they have special and limited deals to grab the customers’ best offers. 

Products like Latest GPS Rader and 4D Camera, GPS Folding Aerial Automatic Drone, 1080 High Definition Dual Camera, Mini Drone with 4K Camera, GPS Professional Quadcopter, Ultrasonic And Optical Flow 4d Camera, High Voltage Batteries and other similar products are available. 

In the case of customer dissatisfaction, they have provided 24/7 telephonic service. Apart from this, they have detailed descriptions with pictures, videos, and reviews of each product available on their website. supports the bulk purchase of a product and adds heavy discounts at the time of checkout. 


  • Website Address
  • Products Category – According to Reviews, they have Hi-tech items 
  • Domain Design 08 January 2021 
  • Domain Expire 06 January 2022
  • Payment Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Credit Card, JCB accepted
  • Delivery  Not Mentioned
  • Replace and Restore Policy Full refund given within 30 days of delivery
  • Transportation Details 1-3 business days
  • Store Address 29-30 Frith Streets, London, England W1D 5LG 
  • Contact Number +10377515
  • Email Address

Boon of

  • They have safe algorism for a site visit.
  • The website contains valid HTTPS detection.
  • It’s not detected in the blacklist engine.
  • They provide high-tech technologies at an astonishing rate.
  • They also allot heavy discounts.
  • They have mentioned detailed information about every product.
  • They have reviews from all over the world.

Bane of

  • As per Reviews this website has a low trust index- 4.4/100.
  • They have not appropriately mentioned About Us, Contact Details.
  • They have a Strict Refund, Return Policy.
  • Website popularity is Medium as compared to another website.
  • It is the very young and suspicious website.

Is Legit?

It’s better to stay away from multiple online websites providing great discounts. Many pieces of research have concluded that is running its own business and scamming customers online. They are giving low-quality items, delivery of different, orders and misuse of personal details in such new online stores. 

Lots of content like About Us and Shipping Details are copied from other scam websites. Also, the mail mentioned is a blank mail and does not belong to their domain. Reviews is not running with honest customer reviews and does not sell products right to their service. With a lack to authentic reviews of products, its relatively easy to state the scam website. If any readers have orders received from this website, they must mention the scam taking place.


In the long run of a company, it’s essential to have stable websites with no fake reviews and plagiarism. With all the facts and details mentioned this website is fake and must be visited carefully before investing money. Reviews concludes that a website that provides heavy discounts on an attractive product is not always genuine.

Do you agree with this review of the website? Please mention your opinion in the comment section.

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    1. Well said I bought one as well it’s not as depicted in the article it is a cheap plastic toy even some of the molded parts on mine were not molded properly so there is definitely no quality control basically paid £70 for a £10 piece of shit do not buy one of these it’s definitely not worth the money. Rip off.

  1. Bullshit company, shows one item with details and sends a cheap kids toy STAY away from this place. Will not reply to request.

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