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Have you received the information regarding Hari Merdeka? Are you curious enough to find out more about the Merdeka news? Don’t worry. In this blog, you can find all the details regarding this exciting information. It is believed that all the citizens of Malaysia are pretty well aware of this news. The leftover people can go through this article to find the complete information.

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What is Hari Merdeka?

Every year, on 31st August, Malaysian Independence Day is celebrated, also identified as ‘Hari Merdeka’ in the Malaysian language. The country witnessed its Independence on 31st August in the year 1957. Since then, the day has been marked and observed full of celebrations for the natives of Malaysia. Under Article-160 of the Malaysian Constitution, the day is declared the authorised Independence Day of Malaysia; on this day, the country was set free from British Colonial rule.

More details on Merdeka 2022 How Many Years

Merdeka is celebrated with different themes and is marked by various occasions. This year the country will witness its 65 years of Independence Day, which will cover the theme of “Keluarga Malaysia, Teguh Bersama,” which means the Malaysian Family is much stronger when it’s together. In the end, the citizens will wrap up the ceremony in Kuala Lumpur to the Dataran Merdeka, where the National Flag of Malaysia was raised for the first time in the year 1957 on 31st August.

History of the Independence

The 1st Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman directed to get Independence for Malaysia. To know more on Merdeka 2022 How Many Years, keep reading. He took the initiative with the group of Governors and the Ministers of the States to approach the freedom of the country in front of the British government. At last, by overcoming tonnes of hurdles and obstacles, the country witnessed freedom.

With continuing protests and debates, the country’s people later developed an understanding on 8th February 1956 with the British government. Later, for administrative reasons, the country witnessed its Independence on 31st August 1957.

What are the Occasions that covered the celebration?

After getting the idea of Merdeka 2022 How Many Years of celebration, let’s find out the various occasions for the celebration. The whole celebration comprises various cultural programs, many other ceremonies, and a parade, marked as the most vital celebration. Apart from that, the whole city is decked up and decorated with lights and sparkles. 

The ceremony starts in the morning at Merdeka Square. The various administrative leaders and the king sit as observers of the ceremony. The National Flag of the country waved throughout the parade with pride.

The Final Wrap up

Hope the readers benefited themselves from the Merdeka 2022 How Many Years news. Thus, on the last calendar day of August, the country celebrates its freedom from the British administration. The Hari Merdeka  day is marked with complete celebration, and the natives of the whole country come together to celebrate this day with lots of fun events and competitions.

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