Mercenary Enrollment 73 {Feb} Explore Its Release Detail

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Mercenary Enrollment 73 will provide the necessary information on the upcoming chapter of this manga. If you love this series then continue reading.

Are you a manga lover and read the popular manga? Have you heard about Mercenary Enrollment? The readers of this manga are from Worldwide and like it equally. That is the reason for the popularity of this manga.

Today’s post will explore chapter 73 and tell you some details. So, if you are also curious to know what will happen in Mercenary Enrollment 73, kindly read this post till the end and know.

What is Mercenary Enrollment?

Author: YC

Illustrator: Rakhyun

Genre(s): Drama, Action, Manhwa, Adventure, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen

Producer and publisher: STUDIO JHS.

Type: Manhwa

Initial Release: 6 November 2020.

Another name: Teenage Mercenary, Inscripción Mercenaria, High School Soldier, etc.

Yu Ijin was the only survivor of the accident when he was eight years old. It was a plane crash, and he lost his parents in this disaster. Somehow, Ijin managed to live his life quietly, but his survival was quite challenging.

Story So far:

Before continuing Mercenary Enrollment 73, let us see the story. Ijin attended school and discovered that some fellow in the class cruelly bullied other students. Therefore, he decided to use his military skills to protect those students, especially his sister and family.

In recent stories, we have seen that he beat up all who were disturbing Jinwoo Cha. His tasks as the 001 killer continued. Also, later he meets Seoha Cha and tells her about his success with the previous bullies. Now, after Ijin defeated them, all the other students seemed to enjoy freedom and roaming here and there.

Mercenary Enrollment 73:

After getting the popularity of its previous chapter, the readers are curious to know what will happen next in the series. However, let us inform you that chapter 72 is still to be updated as translation work continues.

And if we talk about chapter 73, the release date is 21 February 2022. Therefore, we will get the spoilers, too, after reading chapter 72. The updates of 72 will be available soon on various platforms. But we would suggest waiting for the official release and then reading it.

What can we expect from this chapter?

In Mercenary Enrollment 73, we can see when he reaches school; everyone will be eager to know about the weekend activities. Also, there are some unexpected challenges on the way for Injin and we can continue to see him fighting again.

Nowadays, with internet access, readers can enjoy their favourite stories from anywhere online. Also, this series is available on various platforms to read, but nowhere are there more updates regarding this chapter. So, we will tell spoilers after reading the full stories.


That is all about this manga series so far. We hope you got the correct information about Mercenary Enrollment 73. To read the chapters from the beginning of Mercenary Enrollment, you can visit.

Are you also waiting for the release of the upcoming chapter? Tell us in the comment box and let us know about it.

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