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Here in the below-given article on Mel Lastman Army Snow, we discussed Mel Lastman’s calling the army for the snow removal incident.

What does Mel Lastman do? Who is Mel Lastman? When and why was Mel Lastman called army?

Snowstorms are very common in some places of the earth, such as in North America, Russia, Canada, Antarctica, etc. Snowfall and snowstorms happen quite often in this area during wintertime, but heavy snow blizzards are not common. They come once in a decade or two.

People are reminiscing about Mel Lastman Army Snow

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Who is Mel Lastman?

Melvin Douglas Lastman was the mayor of Toronto; he served in that position from 1998 to 2003. Before serving as the mayor of Toronto, he was the mayor of North York (from 1973 to 1997). He served as the 62nd mayor of Toronto.

Mel was born in Toronto, on 9th March 1933. He was a businessman turned into a politician. He was born in a Jewish family, immigrants from Poland. He was a successful businessman and an amazing salesman. He is also known for establishing the chain of Bad Boy Furniture. 

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What happened on 2nd January 1999 in Canada?

On this day, Toronto suffered the worst snow blizzard in decades. The storm was heavy with strong winds, below freezing temperature and constant snowfall. The blizzards made their way to Toronto from North America. Later on, the 14th January blizzard entered the southern part of Ontario. 

In Toronto, the recorded snowfall accumulation was around 40 CM. Till 14th January, Toronto had more than 3 heavy snowstorms, and the total accumulation of snow was not less than 100 CM. The weather department stated that Toronto experienced the worst snowstorms this year for the past 200 years. 

Mel Lastman Army Snow

Due to recurring snowfall over 2 weeks, Toronto didn’t get enough time to recover. As a result, on 14th January 1999, the snow cover was over 100 CM in the city.

The government was facing difficulties in removing the snow from the city. And Mayor Lastman was worried that if the snow couldn’t be cleared before it started to melt, it may lead to a great flood in the city. 

That’s when Mel called the Canadian Army for help. He asked for their help and stated his concerns. Fortunately, calling the army at the right time saved the city from flooding.

Mel Lastman Army Snow was an interesting event, but due to Mel’s great decision making, he saved his city from a disaster. He later expressed his gratitude to the army, who supported them in every possible manner and made things possible. People still remember Mel Lastman for calling the army to remove snow. 


At the time, many people ridiculed Mel for his rash action of calling in the army. But this is now remembered as his legacy as a mayor of Toronto. He also, at that time, attracted a lot of attention from the people. 

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