Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam (Aug) Stay Safe!

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The informative guide will provide you with all the necessary details about the scam & will help you stay safe from the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam.

Have you ever been a victim of an online scam? In today’s world, we get so many facilities due to the internet, but at the same time, it has also increased the scope of tricksters. That is why knowledge about these scams can save you from being a victim.

This article will inform you of one such recent example in India called the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam.


The term ‘online scam’ is vast one, and it encompasses a wide range of criminal activities. In this type of crime, the tricksters use the internet as a tool to deceive people.

Online fraud covers a variety of illegal activities that take place in cyberspace. If we try to classify these activities as per their contents, we get the divisions like gift card fraud, internet ticketing fraud, social media fraud, etc. 

Here we need to learn about a division called Phishing in detail. In this type of activity, the fraudsters send fake text messages luring you into revealing your sensitive data like account number, card number, ATM pin, etc. Maruti Suzuki Anniversary Scam comes under this type of activity.

What Is This All About?

Nowadays, you often get messages showing you commemoration offer from different brands. Currently, the most common one involves the name of a leading motor vehicle company in the country, Maruti Suzuki.

Here you get a message saying that the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary and on this occasion, it is organizing an online survey. The content of the text offers you various attractive gifts if you take part in the online survey, and this whole process is free of cost.

In the Maruti Suzuki Anniversary 2021 fraud, the con artists provide a link in the message and ask people to click on it. This link leads you to a phishing page that will give you various instructions and will gradually trick you into submitting your personal and bank details.

If you submit this sensitive information, they will use these to access your bank account and other profiles, and then you can lose money or property, or it can even cost you your identity.

People are prone to be attracted towards free offerings, thus making it easier for con artists to execute this kind of scam. 

Save Yourself from Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam

Avoiding this kind of scam is not so difficult if we are alert. The proper knowledge about your sensitive data and the tricks that these fraudsters use will make you aware of How To Avoid A Scam.

  • Do not accept any free gifts without proper research
  • Do not disclose your personal data and crucial information at any cost
  • Do not open any link or page from unknown sources
  • Check a website or links reliability before visiting it
  • Protect your network properly. Do not use open source networks easily.


With a little cautiousness, you can save yourself from being a victim of the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam and many other types of fraud. Be always alert while using the internet and stay connected to the genuine portal of Maruti Suzuki to avoid any scam. 

Have you faced such a scam? Please share your experience below. 

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