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Martial Peak 1949 {Feb} Read Complete Chapter Summary!

In this post, we have discussed the Martial Peak 1949 and summarized the storyline of the chapter 1949.

Are you a reader of Martial Peak? Are you looking for Chapter 1949 of the Martial Peak? Do you want to know what happened in the chapter? If yes, tune into the post. 

Martial Peak is a fantastic manga that shows the story of Yang Kai and his journey. Fans in the United States are looking for Chapter 1949 of the Martial Peak. So, in this post, we will talk about the Martial Peak 1949 and summarize the chapter for readers. 

Martial Peak Chapter 1949: Yang Kai Demands Source Crystals

Chu Fei had lost his prior arrogance after understanding the divide between himself & Yang Kai, although he was hesitant to lose any further face in front of all. With a smile on his face, Yang Kai raised his finger and murmured, Senior Brother, compensation for his loss.

Yang Kai requested many hundred thousand Source Crystals. Chu Fei could not imagine having so many Source Crystals in his possession. Even considering the ones he had been using out, the total amount of Source Crystals that he had did not surpass two hundred thousand since he began farming.

Martial Peak 1949: Chu Fei Denies Yang Kai’s Demands & Attempts to Flee

Seeing Chu Fei denying his request of Source Crystal. As he solemnly said that discussions had broken down, Yang Kai’s expression turned chilly. Something just caught Yang Kai’s ear until he could complete what he was expressing. Chu Fei grinned and chuckled as he watched this event.

Before leaving, he murmured to Yang Kai that they might reunite on some mountains or rivers in the future. Chu Fei then motioned his other associates, who were struggling to pick him up, to raise Junior Brother, and flee quickly out of the situation.

Yang Kai Attacks Chu Fei

As per Martial Peak 1949, Yang Kai charges at Chu Fei with a fist coated in five-colored light, enraged. At that time, a heavy Domain slammed down upon Chu Fei, and Yang Kai smashed him to the ground immediately. Chu Fei might have retaliated, but he recognized Yang Kai was never Junior Brother’s opponent. Thus, he had no desire to do so. 

As Yang Kai stood up, Chu Fei was drenched in blood & remained on the ground trembling, suffering from severe injuries. Yang Kai addressed Liu Xian Yun. Liu Xian Yun got astonished for a time before swiftly regaining calm and returning to residence with Yang Kai.

Martial Peak 1949: Yang Kai Meets Lady Protector

While they were moving up the mountains, Senior Brother Kou confronted them for beating Chu Fei. Then Kou took them to Lady Protector Bian into an extravagant cottage. 

Kou then explained to Lady Protector that Yang Kai was bullied, so he attacked Chu Fei like that. During their conversation, Bian got angry and snapped at Yang Kai, flying into the wall and starting laughing, confusing everyone.  


The introduction of Lady Protector Bian has taken the story to the next level and the next chapter will be more interesting. Visit this website to read Chapter 1949.

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