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Mark Franck Doctor (Aug 2021) Let Us Read The Reviews!

Mark Franck Doctor (Aug 2021) Let Us Read The Reviews! >> Read this article and learn the educational qualification and other details of this well-known doctor. And also read reviews from his patients.

You would have already heard about the famous Dr Mark Franck in the field of skin cancer treatment. Right? 

Dr Franck is a well-known doctor at the Mole Safe Skin Cancer Clinic in Australia. So, if you are a patient seeking treatment, you can consider this clinic as an option. He has a track record with a number of satisfied patients. 

And today, in this article, we will learn more about Mark Franck Doctor and read reviews from some of his patients at the clinic. Read this article till the end to know more about Doctor and its feedback.

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Who is Dr Mark Franck?

Dr Mark Franck is a certified senior doctor at the Mole Safe Skin Cancer clinic located in Chapel Street, Windsor, Australia.

He works as a general practitioner and holds a degree in primary care skin cancer medicine. In addition, he holds his master’s degree in medicine of Skin cancer obtained from the University of Queensland. As you will further read the article, Dr Mark Franck Reviews, you will get to know his educational qualifications.

His professional Statement:

Dr Mark Franck has achieved his highest qualification in Care Skin Cancer of Primary Medicine. He is a fellow of the SCCA, the  Australasia Skin Cancer College. 

You can read the next section about his practice techniques and behavior with his patients.

As per our information, he is also a senior lecturer at the School of Medicine, QueenslandUniversity. He is also a member of the International Dermoscopy Society. 

The detailed survey and research states that Mark Franck Doctor article mentions that it is said that he has performed over 10,000 skin cancer treatment procedures in his entire career. As a result, he is confident and certified to diagnose and treat your skin cancer concerns. 


Dr Franck has completed his education from:

  • Bachelor’s: Monash University Medical School
  • Master’s: University of Queensland
  • SCCA (Skin Cancer College Australasia)

He has undertaken various post-graduate certificates along with the International Dermoscopy Masterclass and is also involved in collaborative research and Skin Cancer Audit.

Dr Mark Franck Reviews:

We have found hundreds of reviews and ratings for Dr Mark Franck. Unfortunately, all these reviews are optimistic and a little confusing. 

Many people claim that the doctor is highly experienced, knowledgeable, confident and trustworthy. But, at the same time, others claim that the doctor must be delicensed due to his disrespectful attitude. 

One patient said that Dr Franck should have known better about public health and safety. And another patient said that they do not recommend this doctor as he is selfish and righteous. You can check out all the reviews from his patients. 

Final Verdict:

Mark Franck Doctor is a professional and highly qualified doctor for skin cancer diagnosis.

But, as seen, he does not have an overall good rating. In addition, there are claims that he is rude and selfish. So, we would recommend you to talk to his patients directly and confirm his practice. 

However, we would be happy to read your reviews or comments too in the comment section below.

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